跟孩子一起亲子游 家长们一定要做好的功课-看世界

跟孩子一起亲子游 家长们一定要做好的功课



As the name implies, parent-child travel refers to the travel including adults and children. There are one big one small, two big one small forms, and the scope is expanded. In addition, the children's grandfather, grandmother, grandfather and grandmother customize the tourism routes based on their families. This is also the most family friendly, very relaxed, and can increase the family harmonious atmosphere of tourism. Mom and Dad might as well take advantage of this time to arrange a parent-child tour, but also must pay attention to the safety of children Oh! Now follow 360 common sense net to understand!


Be prepared before traveling


Snacks are very important for traveling children. When children's emotions fluctuate, food can effectively relieve them, but pay attention to the quantity and type. You can prepare a small bag for your child, in which you can put some snacks that your child usually likes, such as bread and biscuits and a small amount of cooked food, plus some fresh fruits that are washed clean. Be careful not to overdo it. Some foods are not suitable for traveling, such as fried food, cream snack, jelly, lollipop, etc., so as to avoid choking or indigestion when children eat them. In order to enhance children's awareness of environmental protection, we need to bring a few garbage bags.


If there is carsickness, parents should also prepare some carsickness medicine for their children, or bring a few oranges. The orange peel also has the effect of preventing carsickness.


Children are always active when they go out to play. They often sweat a lot. When the wind blows, it is easy to cause a cold. So please take dry towels with you and help your children wipe their sweat in time. In addition, you can prepare some low sugar drinks with vitamins and minerals. Some commonly used drugs should also be taken into consideration by parents.


Before going out, you should put on suitable clothes for children. Don't put on too many clothes for children without freezing. Children can't stand heavy clothes after sweating. It's better to wear a coat with buttons or zippers outside, which is easy to wear and take off. The sole of shoes should be soft and the air permeability should be good. Pay attention to traffic safety


Generally, if the child is still very small, it is recommended to avoid long-distance travel as much as possible, and do not run around, or the baby is easy to cry, even the adults will be very tired.


The children are older. If parents want to expand their children's horizons and choose long-distance travel, both planes and trains are better means of transportation. The long-distance bus is bumpy, and children are easily tired and carsick. Attention should also be paid to the location selection. It's better to let the children sit in the middle of their parents instead of the seats near the aisle. The active children's little hands always like to grope around and are easy to be hit.


If it's a self driving tour, let your child sit in the back seat of the car, and have adult care. Do not hold the child in the passenger seat, which is the most dangerous. The car is clean and tidy, and don't let off too many sundries, especially some objects that are easy to swallow and hard books and toys that may hurt children. Make sure to lock the doors and windows of the car during driving to prevent children's head and hands from protruding out of the window at will.


The following three principles should be followed when choosing which food to take on the road

1)营养密度大 2)不易变质,方便食用 3)便于携带。可以选择以下食物:

1) high nutritional density 2) not easy to deteriorate, easy to eat 3) easy to carry. You can choose from the following:

(1)煮鸡蛋:鸡蛋中含有大量的营养物质,维生素A E B族等,同时还含有磷、锌、铁等矿物质和优质蛋白质等等。它是人类补充各类营养素的理想食物。往往我们吃一大堆的东西,都还不如吃个鸡蛋所补充的营养素多及全面。

(1) boiled eggs: eggs contain a large number of nutrients, vitamin A, e, B, etc., and also contain minerals such as phosphorus, zinc, iron and high-quality protein, etc. It is an ideal food for human to supplement all kinds of nutrients. Often we eat a lot of things, are not as good as eating an egg to add nutrients and comprehensive.

(2)盒装牛奶:每100克的牛奶中含有3克的蛋白质,而且牛奶中的蛋白质都是优质蛋白质。同时牛奶中还含有钙,维生素A D 等。而且牛奶不用加工,食用方便,是我们旅行中补充能量,营养素的良好来源。但需要注意的是,牛奶往往是袋装不便于携带。不小心把袋装牛奶扎破撒一书包可是会大大的影响美好心情的。所以我们最好选择密封好的瓶装牛奶或新鲜屋形状的。同时注意避光,和及时喝完防止变质。

(2) boxed milk: every 100g of milk contains 3 grams of protein, and the protein in milk is high-quality protein. At the same time, milk also contains calcium, vitamin A D and so on. Moreover, milk is not processed and easy to eat, which is a good source of energy and nutrients for our travel. However, it should be noted that milk is often not easy to carry in bags. Carelessly breaking the milk in the bag and scattering a schoolbag will greatly affect the good mood. So we'd better choose sealed bottled milk or fresh house shape. At the same time, pay attention to avoid light, and drink in time to prevent deterioration.

(3)新鲜的水果蔬菜:如苹果,橘子,黄瓜,西红柿等,新鲜的果蔬可以为我们提供维生素C 和大量膳食纤维可以避免旅行中便秘的现象。

(3) fresh fruits and vegetables: such as apples, oranges, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. fresh fruits and vegetables can provide us with vitamin C and a large amount of dietary fiber to avoid constipation during travel.


(4) whole wheat bread: there are a lot of carbohydrates in bread, which is easy to digest. When we are very hungry, we can eat a few mouthfuls of bread to relieve our hunger faster than other foods we bring. Whole wheat bread also contains vitamin B and dietary fiber, which can promote digestion and prevent constipation.


(5) chocolate. Quickly replenish energy and deal with the unexpected needs such as travel difficulties.


(6) eat some snacks properly. Starch sweets are not good for health, while nuts and dried fruit snacks such as melon seeds, pistachios, pine nuts, almonds, raisins, and figs are rich in nutrients, which can supplement the insufficient nutrients in the dinner.


(7) drinking water. When traveling, pay attention to drink more water to excrete the body waste and make up for the loss of perspiration. Some old people are afraid of going to the toilet and refuse to drink water, which is harmful to their health.


Take good care of children


Because of the young age, the child's self-protection awareness is not strong, and often falls and falls, parents should do a good job of care, and do not let the child out of your sight. Pay more attention to the surrounding environment of the activity site, especially in some uneven or mixed stone ground, as well as some dark bushes and other places. Always pay attention to the safety of children.


Don't let the child do some vigorous sports, such as jumping from a high place or running fast, which are very dangerous. Remember to let the child avoid. Don't choose to move where there are many people and cars. It's easy to bump or lose. Be careful not to spend too much time in the sun. Children are prone to heatstroke. The walking time should also be well controlled. Generally, children should rest after walking for about half an hour to avoid too much fatigue.


It's a wonderful and happy thing to play with children in the beautiful nature. We should not only make children have fun, but also pay attention to safety. Parents must do their homework well!


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