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经常发脾气伤肝又伤肺 到外面去看看大千世界吧



We all know that if a person's mood can be kept calm and peaceful for a long time, then his body will be better, but it's not easy to control his mood. What should he do if he likes to lose his temper? Many people have hot temper problems, encounter very small things to be angry, often what is the harm of temper? Now follow 360 common sense net to understand it!


The disadvantage of losing your temper often


Lung injury caused by anger


When emotional impulse, breathing will be rapid, and even excessive ventilation phenomenon. The alveoli keep expanding, without time to contract, they will not get the relaxation and rest they should have, thus endangering the health of the lungs.


In addition, people who are angry have shortness of breath, which can cause adverse breath, lung distention, asthma and cough, and endanger lung health.


Suggestion: breathe 5 times attentively, deeply and slowly, and feel the temperature change of the air in and out. This kind of breathing can rest the alveoli, and enough oxygen can also improve the state of the brain and help us calm down.


Angry injury to the immune system


When angry, the brain commands the body to make a cortical sterol that is converted from cholesterol. If this kind of material accumulates too much in the body, it will hinder the action of immune cells and reduce the resistance of body beads.


Suggestion: when you want to be angry, you can enter a state of physical and mental unity by recalling the good deeds you have done.


Cause gastric ulcer


When angry, brain cells will work in disorder, causing sympathetic excitation, and directly acting on the heart and blood vessels, reducing blood flow in the gastrointestinal tract, slowing down peristalsis, poor appetite, and even causing gastric ulcer in serious cases. At the same time, it will lead to people can't eat.


Suggestion: you may as well massage your stomach to relieve discomfort.


Angry long stain


When angry, a lot of blood flows to the head, so the oxygen in the blood will be reduced and the toxin will increase. And toxin can stimulate hair follicle, cause inflammation of varying degrees around hair follicle, thus causing the problem of color spots.


Suggestion: when you are unhappy, you may as well separate your legs, inhale, and raise your hands. This position can adjust the state of the body and let the toxin out of the body.


Liver injury due to anger


When angry, the human body will secrete a substance called "catecholamine", which acts on the central nervous system, raising blood sugar, strengthening the decomposition of fatty acids, and correspondingly increasing the toxins in blood and liver cells. When people are in a state of anger and melancholy, it can lead to liver qi stagnation, liver and gall discord, and liver pain.


Suggestion: drink a glass of water immediately when you are angry. Water can promote the discharge of free fatty acids and reduce its toxicity.


What to do if you like to lose your temper


Many good deeds


Many people like to lose their temper because they are not satisfied with themselves and feel that they don't have enough. In fact, most people are very lucky, but they do not find their own life in the flash, do not know how to be satisfied. It's easy to lose your temper just by looking at others' good and thinking about your own shortcomings. In this case, it's suggested to improve it by doing good deeds.


Now there are some public organizations in many places to help the elderly, homeless cats and seriously ill children. You can participate in the activities of these volunteers. When you find out what kind of life the people who really need help live, you will soon realize that you actually have a lot. When you do something for others, you are also helping yourself.


Broaden vision and mind through travel


Some people's daily life is too limited, few people know each other, and the things they do are just like that. In such a repeated life, it leads to narrow vision and mind, and easy to lose temper. It is suggested that such a friend, when conditions permit, can go outside and have a look at the vast world, other people's lives and wide horizons. Many small things will not be taken into account.


Find peace of mind through reading


There are many people easily angry, because usually did not think about their own life, but very impetuous in life. In this case, reading more books, especially about people's character and psychology, can make people calm down. It is recommended to read every day, even if it is only ten minutes.


Besides, it's also a good choice to read some history, prose and poetry. When you put your mind on the content of the book, you will naturally forget the anger and the reason for your anger. People can see different sceneries when they travel, forget their unhappiness. Reading has the same effect, and the cost is much lower.


Try to control your emotions


People who like to get angry often don't know how to adjust their emotions. Sometimes they feel strange when they get angry. It seems that their temper is out of control. In fact, we are the masters of emotions. Of course, we can control emotions, but some people have not mastered such methods. I suggest you take a deep breath, look far away and tell yourself to calm down.


Set life goals


Focus on your goals. Anger is a kind of negative emotion, which can interfere with rational judgment, take up precious time and make wrong decisions. Put your experience into a new goal and save your angry time and energy for a big career.


Think twice every time you lose your temper


When we are angry, we are often very impulsive. Sometimes we think after the fact and it seems that things are not so serious. It's our own fault. So it's very important to reflect after the event to avoid the same situation in the later stage.


Conclusion: people who like to lose their temper are easy to feel tired. The energy in their body is consumed by these bad emotions, which may also lead to problems such as anger. Therefore, it is suggested that we should pay attention to controlling our temper at ordinary times, let a lot of small things go by, don't worry too much, and keep mental health to be healthy.


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