These prescriptions will help you get rid of the cold


1. Peppermint, mulberry leaf and pear soup: 3 grams of peppermint, 3 grams of mulberry leaf, 1 slice of pear, add boiling water and hot drink.


2. Erbai soup: 15g of scallion, 30g of white radish and 3G of coriander. Add some water and boil the hot drink.


3. 30 grams of red bean, green bean and white lentil respectively. Wash them, add 500 ml water and cook porridge.


4. Mutton and radish soup: 200g mutton, 200g white radish, 10g ginger, sliced and stewed with water and a small fire, then 3G coriander and salt.


5. Prepare 3 grams of green tea, chrysanthemum and raw licorice, and drink them in boiling water.


6. 30 grams of red pea, red pea and red jujube respectively. Wash them, add 500 ml of water, cook porridge and eat them, and add some brown sugar.


7. Slice ginger 30g, jujube 30g, cook for 30min, and drink with proper amount of brown sugar.


8. Reed root drink: 30 grams of isatis root, 30 grams of fresh reed root, 15 grams of pueraria root, 5 grams of raw licorice root, several pieces of fresh ginger, 1000 ml of water, boil for about 20 minutes, hot drink, take twice a day. It is suitable for high fever and cough.


9. Ginger and glutinous rice congee: take 5 sections of scallion, 15 grams of ginger and 100 grams of glutinous rice. First, boil the rice into porridge, then mash the onion and ginger, simmer together, and add some monosodium glutamate and salt. Hot clothing, can sweat, antipyretic.


In addition, pay more attention to the following matters in terms of diet:


1. It is better to eat a small amount of multiple meals. If the appetite is good, it can be changed to a semi fluid diet, such as noodle soup, chicken soup, Longxu noodles, small wonton, vegetable mud porridge, pork porridge, liver mud porridge and egg flower porridge.


2. Eat more vitamin C, e and red food, such as tomatoes, apples, grapes, dates, strawberries, beets, oranges, watermelons, milk, eggs, etc. Prevent cold.


What to do if you have a cold


1. Ensure enough sleep and rest


As long as there are cold symptoms, we must take a rest in time, which is the key to alleviate the disease and recover the body as soon as possible. Generally, after a large number of drinking water, drinking warm water of onion, ginger and garlic for several times, and then soaking feet to sweat and dispel cold, rest as soon as possible, and the body will recover the next day.


2. Expel the cold air as soon as possible


Cold is the cause of cold, as long as there is cold hands and feet, it must be cold, and the key to cure cold is to expel cold as soon as possible. Onion, ginger and garlic in dietotherapy are the best food for expelling cold. Some people like to drink it with several pieces of ginger and a spoonful of brown sugar boiling water. Some people like to drink it with several pieces of green onion boiling water to sweat and get rid of cold. When cold is accompanied by cough, add several cloves of garlic in ginger and brown sugar water to boil it together, and drink it to dispel cold and stop coughing. In a word, whether it's using scallion, ginger and garlic to get rid of the cold, or eating a hot hot hot pot to get rid of the cold, it can quickly increase the heat in the body, open the pores, and expel the cold through sweating.


If you want your body to sweat out the cold, there is another way to soak feet in warm water. We often do things like this. When you have a cold, it's better for your health, and the effect is very good. If you suffer from the cold, you can also drink ginger and brown sugar water, while making feet, the other side of tea will soon sweat.


3. How to deal with sore body after a cold?


The whole body ache indicates that the body is cold and wet. You must drink ginger brown sugar water several times. Ginger can be put more. It is OK to put 6-8 pieces at a time.


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