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北京自由行 北京更多更好玩的新景点



When it comes to Beijing's free travel, people generally think of famous scenic spots in Beijing, such as the Forbidden City, the temple of heaven, the summer palace and the Badaling Great Wall. But with the progress and change of the times, there are more and more interesting new scenic spots in Beijing. Beijing 798 West Art District, yanpaoxiejie street and Sanlitun can't be missed. Let's follow 360 common sense.


1. Beijing 798 Art District


798 is the most famous and mature art area in China. Its predecessor is the old factory building, and later it was changed to be a literary and art gathering place. It's a bit like Kaohsiung's refute two art special zone, which is divided into many areas, including artist studio, cultural exhibition, art museum, Museum, experience Museum, cultural and creative shop and restaurant bar. Most of the exhibitions are free to enjoy.


798 Art District has not only attracted wide attention at home and abroad, but also become a new landmark of Beijing urban culture. If you come to Beijing, you must not miss the 798 with a strong cultural atmosphere. Explore Chinese aesthetics!.

地址:北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路4号 开放时间:园区全天开放;画廊和展馆等营业时间大致为10:00-18:00,大部分画廊展馆周一闭馆。

Address: No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing opening hours: the park is open all day; galleries and exhibition halls are open from 10:00 to 18:00, most of which are closed on Monday.


Transportation: walk to Wangjing South Station of metro line 14, or take bus 403, 418 and other multiple routes to Dashanzi intersection east station.


2. Solana Blue Harbor


Solana blue harbor is a European style shopping park with elegant buildings and romantic paths. It is the largest urban park in Asia. Blue harbor is not only a good place for shopping, but also an ideal place to enjoy the leisure time of sunshine lake. Solana forest, composed of more than 300 trees, is a rare landscape in urban cement forest.

地址:中国北京市朝阳区朝阳公园路6号 开放时间:每天10:00-22:00

Address: No.6, Chaoyang Park Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China opening hours: 10:00-22:00 every day


Transportation: get off at No. 985, No. 677, Zaoying Beili station, 200m north, or get off at No. 621, No. 682, No. 419.


3. Yanpaoxie Street


Yanpaoxiejie is the oldest commercial street in Beijing. It was mainly engaged in the business of smoking, mounting calligraphy and painting, and selling antiques and jade in the Qing Dynasty. Walking into Yandai inclined street is like stepping into the tunnel of time, because the buildings on both sides of Yandai inclined Street still retain the traditional style of Ming and Qing Dynasties, and the form of front store and back residence presents a deep city style and strong old Beijing characteristics.

地址:北京市西城区地安门外大街 开放时间:全天开放

Address: di'anmenwai street, Xicheng District, Beijing opening time: all day


Transportation: take bus No.5, 60, 107, 124, 635 to Gulou station and walk 202 meters. Take the subway line 2 to Gulou Street station. Take subway line 6 to Nanluoguxiang station or Beihai north station.


4. Sanlitun


Sanlitun is one of the most prosperous streets in Beijing, just like Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong. Media workers, performers and trendsetters often gather here, including international brands, trendy shops, online Red restaurants Everywhere the scenery makes people spend many eyes disorderly, every shop wants to walk in to have a look. Sanlitun Bar Street is a must for young people. Let's have a look at the night of Beijing's bustling bars.

三里屯酒吧街 地址:中国北京市朝阳区南三里屯路1号 开放时间:各店开放时间不同

Sanlitun Bar Street Address: No.1, nansanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China opening hours: different stores opening hours


Transportation: Metro Line 10 - "Tuanjiehu station" westbound, 110120403823117118 workers' Stadium, 113115406416431701758 Sanlitun


5, Jie Street


If you want to have a taste of the famous authentic snacks in Beijing, you will come to Zhenjie. This is the food street with the characteristics of spicy crawfish in recent years. Now it has become the representative of Beijing's food culture and fashion food. There are restaurants on both sides of Jujie street, ranging from spicy hot to braised mutton, spicy crawfish to spicy crab, as well as various local specialties of Mountain City cuisine, Shu barbecue fish, sheep scorpion There is everything. Most of the more than 200 restaurants are open 24 hours a day.

地址:北京市东城区 开放时间:各店开放时间不同

Address: Dongcheng District, Beijing opening hours: different stores opening hours


Transportation: Metro Line 2, line 13, airport line - "Dongzhimen Station" walk about 6 minutes.


6. Shichahai (Houhai) bar street


Shichahai behind Beihai Park has different scenery and atmosphere day and night, natural scenery and ancient culture. When the night falls, it becomes a bar street with strong foreign flavor. There are more than 30 bars with different styles. No matter what mood or freedom you like, you can find a place where you can enjoy yourself.

地址:北京市西城区前海西沿新街口 开放时间:各店开放时间不同

Address: Xinjiekou, qianhaixi, Xicheng District, Beijing opening hours: different stores open at different times


Transportation: Metro Line 2 - "Gulou Street Station", 10 minutes south.


7. Nanluoguxiang


Nanluoguxiang is a very distinctive street, which preserves the ancient green brick road, so that visitors can experience the life charm of old Beijing. But the shops in the street are featured and novel cafes, small cultural and creative shops, and of course, traditional handicraft shops selling rich Chinese characteristics, such as Facebook, cheongsam style handbags, as well as Beijing sugar gourd and Beijing dumplings.

地址:北京市东城区北至鼓楼东大街、南至地安门东大街、西至地安门外大街、东至交道口南大街的方形区域 开放时间:各店开放时间不同

Address: the square area from Dongcheng District, Beijing to Gulou East Street in the north, Di'anmen East Street in the south, di'anmenwai street in the West and Jiaodaokou South Street in the East opening time: the opening time of each shop is different

交通:地铁6号线、8号线南锣鼓巷站下车即是,另有多路公交车可达(锣鼓巷站、宝钞胡同站、小经厂站、 北兵马司站等)。

Transportation: get off at Nanluoguxiang station of Metro Line 6 and line 8, and take multiple buses (Luoguxiang station, Baochao Hutong station, xiaojingchang station, beibingmashi station, etc.).


8. Red brick art museum


The red brick art gallery takes the red brick as the main exterior wall material, uses the color and shape of the brick to create all kinds of buildings with artistic atmosphere. Each brick is full of strong artistic atmosphere, and the building itself is already a work of art.


Inside the building is the exhibition hall. There are often small art exhibitions for tourists to visit. The main building of the red brick art museum is divided into two floors above the ground and one floor underground, including nine exhibition spaces, two public leisure spaces and one art derivative space. There are many avant-garde exhibition works in the art gallery. The same works are delivered to everyone's heart, and they all have different feelings.

地址:北京市朝阳区崔各庄乡何各庄村顺白路马泉营西路路口西100米路北 开放时间:5-9月:星期二至星期日10:00-18:00;10月-次年4月:星期二至星期日10:00-17:30 门票信息:60元

Address: 100 meters west of the intersection of maquanying West Road, shunbai Road, Hegezhuang village, cuigezhuang Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing opening time: May September: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-18:00; October April: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-17:30 ticket information: 60 yuan


Transportation: take Metro Line 15 to maquanying station or take the bus to hogezhuang station, then walk there.


9. Sishku Church


Xishiku church, also known as Beitang, opened in 1703 at canchikou (opposite the old Beijing Library).


The North Hall is a typical Gothic building. Its four high minarets, three pointed arch entrances and the round rose windows in the center of the main span create a dignified and beautiful facade, which is more and more white and straight in the surrounding of green pines and cypresses.


The plane of the lobby is in the shape of a cross, with a building area of about 2200 square meters, a height of 16 and 5 meters, and the top of the bell tower of about 31 meters, making it the most gorgeous Church in Beijing.


Address: No.33, Xishiku street, Xicheng District, Beijing


Transportation: bus 103, 14, 109


10. Yangmei Zhuxie Street


It's better to visit Qianmen Street than Qianmen Street. It's a very quiet alley. It's not as lively as wudaoying and Nanluoguxiang.


It's a turn from Dashilan. It's parallel to Dashilan West Street. It's not developed very much. The end is Liulichang East Street.


The quiet and cultural atmosphere is full of small streets, and you can feel the life of the local people in the old Hutong all the time.


Address: about half a kilometer west of the west entrance of Dashilan street, southwest of Qianmen


Bus: bus No. 20, 59 and 622


11. Guozijian Street


Guozijian street, which is much more spacious and quiet than the Hutong, is the gathering place of life aesthetics and literature shops.


Enter from Yonghegong street, the red wall and Xianghuo street of Confucius Temple, let one pedestrian stop in the half street of Guozijian Street


Fanji living room is a famous shop in Guozijian street. It's reconstructed from Siheyuan, which is very tasteful.


There is a coffee shop in Fanji. The juice and coffee are good. The design of afternoon tea and dessert is very interesting. You can book it.


Not far from the living room of Fanji is the lost and found shop, which sells furniture and clothes as well as Japanese utensils. From time to time, it cooperates with Japanese craftsmen to hold exhibitions. These two families are suitable for strolling and feeling the beauty of artifacts.


There are many cold shops in this street. For example, there is a small shop called "Haobai", which sells everything from cups and lanterns to books and vases in white.


Address: Yonghegong street, Dongcheng District, Beijing


Bus: No. 13, No. 684, No. 6 at night


12. Hip hop baggage shop


There is such an art, it originated in Beijing, ZTE in Tianjin. It can not only praise the true, the good and the beautiful, but also satirize the false, the evil and the ugly. Three or two sentences make people laugh, but also reflect the reality of life, it is crosstalk.


Crosstalk is a traditional art, which stresses "talking, learning and singing". Through the screen, we can only see the performers' expressions, see the changes of body movements, want to further experience the charm brought by traditional art, and go to the small theater to have a look.


At present, hip hop baggage shop has opened three small theaters in Beijing, namely anzhen theatre, Jiaodaokou theatre and Wukesong theatre.


The three theaters performed continuously for 365 days, bringing joy to the people and winning good reputation for themselves.


If you have a chance to come to Beijing, you must listen to the crosstalk of hip hop baggage shop!


Address: No.109, Dongzhimen inner South Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing


13. Wuta Temple


Wuta temple, also known as Zhenjue temple, was founded in Yongle period of Ming Dynasty, and is one of the first batch of key cultural relics protection units in China.


Among more than ten pagodas of the same kind in China, the pagoda of the five pagodas temple is the earliest with the most beautiful style, which can be regarded as the representative work of Ming Dynasty architecture and stone carving art, and also a model of the combination of Chinese and foreign cultures.


It's just behind the zoo. It's a place to get quiet in the middle of the noise. It's like a miracle hidden in the marketplace.


Ancient quiet, there are many stone tablets, a little like the feeling of Confucius Temple. There is a stone carving art museum in Beijing. The ticket is 20 yuan. Wednesday is a free open day.


Address: west side of Beijing Zoo, Beixiaguan street, Haidian District, Beijing


Bus: come out from entrance / exit C of Guotu subway station and walk along the river


14. Fahai Temple


Fahai Temple is located in the West Fifth Ring Road of Beijing. The biggest feature is that you can see the murals.


The mural paintings of Ming Dynasty in the hall are collected in Daxiong hall, with 10 shops, 236 square meters and 7 square meters in total. They are the best preserved mural works of Ming Dynasty in China.


The style of fresco is gilded with powder and gilded, decorated with halos, and painted with Bodhisattva King Kong, flying fairy, flower landscape, etc.


Fahai Temple ticket is 20 yuan. You need to pay another 100 yuan to watch the murals. There will be a commentator to accompany you during the whole process. If you have any questions, you can ask him. There are few people who can see. When a friend goes to see, he and his wife are the only two people. It's a package.


By the way, there is a Beijing eunuch culture exhibition hall (Tianyi tomb), which is 1 li away from Fahai Temple. It is said that it is "the tomb of the Ming Dynasty eunuch with the highest specifications and the most exquisite stone carvings in the whole country" and the only cultural hall with this theme in China.


Transportation: get off at Pingguoyuan station of Metro Line 1, transfer to No. 336 and No. 396 to Shougang community, and No. 311 to Mo


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