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People in the concrete jungle always feel nervous and oppressive, so more and more people like to take advantage of their holidays to go camping in the wild and get close to nature. The most important thing for camping is safety. After all, the wild environment is complex, and many accidents may happen. Therefore, choosing the right Camp becomes the first priority for camping. Now follow 360 common sense net to understand!


What kind of place to choose as the camp?


1. The campsite should be near the water


The camp should choose a place close to the water source, which can not only ensure the water for cooking and drinking, but also provide water for washing and rinsing. If it is far away from the water source, it will bring a lot of inconvenience, even danger to the camp. But in the deep mountains and dense forests, wild animals will be encountered near the water source, so special attention should be paid.


2. Pay attention to the Lee in the camp


The wind will quickly take away the heat of human body, make people cold, and even cause disease. At the same time, the wind will take away the tent, at least it will make people unable to rest. It is more difficult to light a bonfire, and it is difficult to ensure cooking and heating, so the camp must avoid the wind. It is better to be in the leeward part of the hill, in the forest or in the open space beside the forest, in the cave, on the side of the ridge and under the rock, etc.


3. Pay attention to Animal Prevention


During the construction of the camp, it is necessary to carefully observe whether there are traces, excrement and nests of wild animals around the camp. Do not build the camp in the area with many snakes and mice, so as to prevent injury to people or damage to equipment and facilities. There should be anti mosquito, insect and scorpion drugs and protective measures. Scattering some ashes around the camp will effectively prevent the invasion of snakes, scorpions and poisonous insects.


4. Places with sufficient sunshine and flat ground


The camp should be located in a place with long sunshine as much as possible, which will make the camp warm, dry and clean, and facilitate the drying of clothes, articles and equipment. The ground of the camp shall be flat and free of roots, grass roots, sharp stones, bumps or slopes, which will damage the equipment or stab the personnel and affect the rest quality of the personnel.


After choosing the camp, it's time to set up a tent. What should we pay attention to?


1. In order to avoid the tent being flooded when it rains, a drainage ditch should be dug directly under the side line of the canopy top.


2. The four corners of the tent shall be pressed with big stones.


3. Air circulation shall be maintained in the tent, and cooking in the tent shall be prevented from fire.


4. Before going to bed at night, check whether all the flames have been put out and whether the tent is fixed.


5. In order to prevent insects from entering, spray a circle of kerosene around the tent.


6. It is better to face south or southeast of the tent to see the sunshine in the early morning. The camp should not be on the ridge or the top of the mountain.


How to quickly and conveniently prepare the outdoor picnic outfit?


1. Make good use of plastic gloves


Use plastic gloves to separate and pack food materials with less consumption. When using, do not need to untie the gloves. Use scissors to cut them. If you use a small amount of seasoning materials, they will not be confused with each other and can save containers! In addition, plastic gloves can be used to separate the toiletries.




2. Carrying eggs


It's very inconvenient to carry eggs when camping. You can beat the eggs you need to use into the egg liquid first, and mix the egg liquid evenly into the drink bottle. This can not only save a lot of space, but also be convenient to carry.




3. Floating key ring


If you go camping by the water, it's easy to drop the key and other small things into the water, but with these materials, you can easily make a floating key ring! First, bend one end into a ring, then insert the steel wire into one end of the cork, hang the key, so that even if the key falls into the water, it will float on the water.




4. Making disposable spoon


First, cut off the upper part of the plastic bottle. The convex part at the bottom of the bottle is the outline of the spoon. Cut along the dotted line to make the prototype of the spoon. The irregular part on the edge of the spoon can be burned gently with fire to prevent the mouth from scratching!




5. Ignition of potato chips


Camping cooking is inseparable from carbon fire. It's very easy to light large pieces of wood. You can do it with a few chips of potato! Put the chips in the center of the fire pot, set the wood around, light the chips, and soon the surrounding wood will burn together!




These are commonly used methods for camping. If you like camping, you can learn them. They will make you camp easily and have a better time!


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