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Thousands of koalas died in the sea of fire, and Australian wildfires ravaged the environment

The continuous spread of forest fires in the southeast of Australia has caused many inconveniences to the local people's life, but the most influential is all kinds of wild animals living in the forest. According to local media reports, the area of the wildfires in Australia has exceeded one million hectares, and they are still raging. It is estimated that bushfires in New South Wales and Queensland destroyed 80% of koala's natural habitat, and thousands of koalas died in the fire. Experts say koala may face functional extinction.

In the past two weeks alone, hundreds of koalas have died in New South Wales, according to local wildlife rescuers. According to the president of Australia's Koala Foundation, in the past two months, the fire destroyed 80% of koala's natural habitats, and at least 1000 koalas died in the sea of fire. In addition, the number of Australia's koalas has greatly decreased, and they are facing functional extinction. In other words, once the number of koalas decreases, the number of koalas in Australia will be greatly reduced Below a certain threshold, it can no longer reproduce the next generation, which leads to extinction.

When I saw this defenceless little animal, I rushed directly into the fire, and I knew that if I didn't save it from the tree, it would not be able to get out of the fire, said Toni, an Australian Koala rescuer.

A kind-hearted woman rushed forward to rescue a koala in New South Wales on the 19th of local time when it was trapped in a raging fire. She took off her clothes and wrapped them around koala and watered it to cool it. It is reported that the 14-year-old koala, whose name is Lewis, survived, but whose feet, chest and stomach have been severely burned, and then sent to hospital for treatment.

A koala rescue hospital near Sydney has rescued 31 koalas from charred bushes in recent weeks. The head of the hospital said he would work out a breeding plan for koalas and help them return to the wild.

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