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1.68 million yuan for a cow. It’s coming again at the high price auction in Japan!

The price of grapes, watermelons and crabs has not ended in 2019. This year's price auction in Japan continues. On November 24, Matsuzaka, a Japanese and cattle "Matsuzaka cattle" appraisal conference was held in Matsuzaka, a triple County of Japan. At the conference, a Matsuzaka cattle, who won the top prize, made a deal at a price of 26 million yen (about 1.68 million yuan) in the post appraisal auction.

According to reports, the full name of the appraisal is "Matsuzaka beef cattle meeting", which aims to evaluate the physique and hair color of Japanese and cattle brand Matsuzaka cattle. Matsuzaka cattle, 3 years old and weighing 678 kg, came from Daji Town, Sanjiang County.

According to the report, in the auction after the appraisal, the "champion" cow was sold for 26 million yen (1.68 million yuan). Xiangtian Jiayong, the president of a meat food company in the county who took the "champion cow" of the appraisal for 28 consecutive years, said, "with gratitude to the carefully raised producers, the cow was photographed." According to reports, the company took a total of 21 and cattle that day, will be sold in its store from December 12.

Matsuzaka cattle refer to female black hair and cattle raised around Matsuzaka City, Japan. Among them, only the calves produced in Hyogo county can participate in the appraisal after being raised for more than 900 days and becoming the "specialty Matsuzaka cattle". This year, a total of 50 Matsuzaka cattle will participate in the appraisal.

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