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Grandma, 82, put the 28 year old robber in the hospital: I’m old, but I’m strong

Grandma, 82, put the 28 year old robber in the hospital: I'm old, but I'm strong. It's a little dark. I'm old and alone again. But guess what, I'm strong. " An 82 year old grandmother in the United States showed off her muscular arm and mocked the burglar. "He broke into a house he shouldn't have broken into.".

A man broke into Willie Mur's 82 year old grandmother's home in New York Monday, CBS reported Thursday.

MS Murphy alone beat the 29 year old man out of the door with a table, a bottle of baby shampoo and a broom. Before the police arrived, she managed to subdue them and put the defeated gangster in an ambulance.

Ms. Murphy, who lives in Rochester, New York, is not an average 82 year old. Murphy has been working out. He is only 1.52 meters tall and weighs about 47.6 kg, but he can lift 225 pounds (102 kg) hard.

She once won the championship of her department in the World Federation of nature Weightlifting Championships, and won gold medals in three competitions of hard lifting, arm bending and bench pushing, and was named the weightlifter of the year in 2014.

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Murphy told local television that she heard a knock at the door Thursday night as she was going to bed. A strange man pounded on her door and asked Murphy to call an ambulance.

"He stood outside and said," please call an ambulance for me. "Murphy called the police, but refused to open the door.

The man "became very angry" after being rejected, and after a loud bang, the man broke in. The events that followed showed that it was not a wise choice for him.

Murphy quickly countered. "I took a chair and hit him. Guess what? The chair broke."

She did not stop at all, then picked up a nearby metal table to continue the attack, grabbed the table leg and stabbed him.

"When he fell, I jumped on him." after jumping on him several times in a row, Murphy ran to the kitchen and took a bottle of baby shampoo and sprayed it on his face.

It's not over. Then she picked up the broom and hit him hard again, trying to drag him away.

Although Murphy was able to lift 225 pounds, he was still unable to drag the man. She told the TV that it was too heavy for her.

Just then, the police arrived. The man was finally taken to the ambulance.

CBS quoted local television as saying MS Murphy did not intend to file a lawsuit. She finally told reporters she thought the moment the man was taken to the ambulance would be a relief, "because I allowed him to leave.".

Ms. Murphy's heroic deeds spread rapidly in the United States after being reported, and many elderly people were encouraged to think that fitness exercise had nothing to do with age:

"She inspired me! I'm over 60 and go to the gym 5 / 6 days a week. After hearing this story, I decided to continue for the next 20 years. "

Comments on Twitter users (the same below)

"I'm 63. I decided to go to the gym right away."

Some netizens joked that it wasn't Ms. Murphy who needed help from the police, but the intruder:

"This is 911."

"Someone broke into my house."

"Don't worry, madam. The police will be there soon."

"No police! Send an ambulance! He was beaten..."

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