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The 6-year-old girl won the beauty contest in Thailand. Netizens said she would be cheated again

Just like the beauty pageants in the world or Asia, the children's beauty pageant in Thailand has to go through the same formal steps, and finally the winner can be determined through a lot of screening. But recently, a Thai 6-year-old Laurie won the beauty contest, but it is controversial. Some netizens think that this news is cheating on their daughter, but opponents think that beauty pageant makes children lose their innocence and have no appearance of children.

The 6-year-old girl, named xiaoruilei, was a famous child model before she ran for the election. She often took advertisements for clothing brands, so she was fearless and confident even on stage.

On the stage, she has exquisite makeup, wearing a high slit transparent lace dress and silver platform heels. From expression management and pose, it can be seen that they are very professional.

Seeing such a beautiful little girl, some netizens said that "it's a lie to my daughter" series, but little ruilei's dress also caused hot discussion.

Some netizens said that beauty is beautiful, but children's dress can be seen in all aspects is selected according to the eyes of adults, there is no childlike appearance that children should have.

There is no objection to the beauty contest among children, but it should not be measured by the eyes of adults. The beauty of children is not so superficial. Under the heavy make-up package, the 6-year-old girl looks mature and elegant, showing the shadow of a woman.

In fact, little ruilei wears light makeup and can see the girl's appearance, but her eyes are less innocent.

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