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What does it mean to run out of IPv4 addresses in the world? Will Internet access have any impact in the future?

What does it mean to run out of IPv4 addresses in the world? What will be the impact of Internet access in the future? November 26, 2019 is a memorable day in the era of human Internet. Today, 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses in the world are officially exhausted, and we are about to move towards the era of IPv6. What is the problem of global IPv4 address exhaustion? What is the impact of global IPv4 address exhaustion on us? What is IPv6? This article will ask you to answer clearly.

What does it mean to run out of IPv4 addresses in the world? Will Internet access have any impact in the future?

In fact, when the global IPv4 address is exhausted, IPv6 has already entered our life. Many careful users may find that in many app open screen interfaces, IPv6 technology has been supported.

Before the global IPv4 address exhaustion, caict, China Academy of information and communication, released data in September this year that the number of IPv6 active users in China had reached 311 million as of May this year. In terms of video application, iqiyi has 178 million active users, Youku has 120 million active users and Tencent has 60 million active users.

After all, what is IPv6? What does it have to do with the exhausted IPv4 address? I think we should start with the concept of IP address. Winton Cerf, the "father of the Internet", founded the Internet Communication Protocol "IPv4" in 1977, which allows computers around the world to connect with each other.

Advantages of IPv6

The global IPv4 address exhaustion is actually the IP address exhaustion. Everyone who has a router at home knows that entering "" will open the router's management interface, and this string of numbers is the IP address. It's just a LAN between your router and any device that can be connected to the Internet, such as your computer, mobile phone, TV, tablet computer, etc.

Global IPv4 address exhaustion means that there are more and more global networking devices, and "this string of numbers" is not enough. IP address is a series of numbers assigned to each networking device. Each IP address is unique. Because the length of IP address in IPv4 is 32 bits, the rapid development of Internet of things makes the current IPv4 address has been exhausted.

As of June this year, the number of fixed line Internet users in China is 751 million, and the number of mobile Internet users is 724 million, but the number of IPv4 addresses is 3384.5 million, and the average number of IPv4 addresses per fixed line Internet user in China is only 0.45. Therefore, the computers and mobile phones in our home are generally the mobile IP addresses assigned by the operators. In fact, it costs a lot to obtain a fixed IP address.

So what is IPv6 and what's the difference between IPv6 and IPv4?

The difference between IPv4 and IPv6

In IPv4, the length of IP address is 32 bits, while in IPv6, the length of 128 bits is adopted, which can ensure that more than 1000 addresses are allocated per square meter on the earth. Besides, ipv6 also considers other problems that can not be solved well in IPv4, such as end-to-end IP connection, quality of service (QoS), security, multicast, mobility, plug and play, etc.

For example, it's like our motor vehicle number plate. In the early years, all the cars we bought were old numbers. Later, the number of motor vehicles increased. When the number was not enough, we added letters. Then the electric car appeared, and another one was added, with more digits. In fact, for ordinary people, IPv4 and IPv6 may be such a simple difference.

Of course, these advanced Internet technologies as a user level, in fact, do not need deep understanding. The global IPv4 address exhaustion, in fact, is completely insensitive to us. The global IPv4 address exhaustion has little impact on our ordinary users. It's more about network technology, operators and Internet application developers~

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