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Sun Yang incident scene video truth exposure in the hearing proved that “violent anti prosecution” does not exist at all

The truth of the scene video of Sun Yang incident was exposed, which proved at the hearing that the "violent anti prosecution" incident did not exist at all! On November 28, Beijing time, the documentary "explanation of Sun Yang case" was broadcast. In this 6-minute video, the truth of Sun Yang incident was released to the world, and the scene video of the night of the incident was also exposed for the first time.

13 days ago, Sun Yang's hearing on the "anti drug" incident was held in the international sports arbitration court. At the hearing, Sun Yang recalled some details of the so-called "violent anti drug" incident on September 4, 2018. He didn't think he was "anti drug". Instead, he didn't destroy the blood bottle. Instead, the prosecutor had no qualification, his identity was in doubt, and even the urine examiner claimed to be his fan.

Sun Yang has always stressed that he has surveillance video, but the scene does not allow Sun Yang to play it, Sun Yang said aggressively: do you dare to watch if I have surveillance? And after the hearing, Sun Yang Fang has always stressed that some of the inspectors are construction workers, even some are wearing short skirts, shorts and cool shoes. The urine examiner also admitted that Sun Yang had been photographed that night, and he had never been taught how to conduct doping tests, had no relevant training, and even expressed his desire to testify by video, but CAS did not contact him.

In this 6-minute documentary film "explanation of Sun Yang's case", part of the scene video of the night of the incident was officially exposed. Although it was only 15 seconds for both sides to sign the monogram, Sun Yang's signature on a written material appeared in the video, and two inspectors also signed on it. It can be seen from the video that one person was wearing a skirt and one was wearing shorts, Prove that Sun Yang Fang didn't lie!

When it was found that the inspectors did not have sufficient authorization and certificates, Sun Yang did not let them take his samples. In the picture, three inspectors are signing an agreement with Sun Yang. In fact, three testers are signing an agreement with Sun Yang, admitting that the test is "incomplete" and agreeing not to take samples of swimmers (Sun Yang) because they do not have enough certification and qualification certificate!

Sun Yang said: where is the athlete's privacy? And four people came that night. What's funny is that two of them said (why) they wanted to come because they didn't see me (with their own eyes) and wanted to see me. "

Before that, the fina had decided that Sun Yang was not responsible, but there was a storm that Horton (Scott) refused to take a photo on the podium at the Guangzhou World Championships. Sun Yang also clearly pointed out: "a black hand is manipulating public opinion, misleading everyone to think: China's swimming team is having problems, Sun Yang is having problems. What about your evidence? "

Dennis, a foreign teacher from Sun Yang, also appeared in the video, supporting Sun Yang: "in such a genetic era, we can't believe that athletes will be ready to give samples to a person with incomplete qualifications." "What he has achieved comes from his extremely hard training and hard work. It's very important that successful people get recognition and respect. "

"I hope I can swim on behalf of China, stand up in the face of unfairness, fight for rights and defend my honor, instead of having no voice as before," Sun said at the end. I don't know until today that I've had nearly 200 tests so far. "

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