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Is it true that Osaka forced civil servants to leave work? Why Osaka forced civil servants to leave work

According to Japanese media reports, on November 27, Yoko Yoshimura, the governor of Osaka Prefecture, announced that in order to reduce the overtime work of government employees, all office computers would be shut down at 18:30. It is understood that Osaka government will officially introduce a forced shutdown system in 2020 to reduce overtime of government employees and improve work efficiency. Osaka government employees work about one million hours a year, and the total overtime pay is about 3 billion yen (about 200 million yuan), while the budget of the new system is about 50 million yen (about 3.22 million yuan).

After the system starts to run, if there is no application for overtime in advance, all government office computers will pop up a warning of "please quickly end the work and turn off the computer" at 18:20, and automatically turn off 10 minutes later.

However, in case of natural disasters, the forced shutdown function can be removed. It will be applied to about 7600 non management government employees in Osaka government police, public schools and other departments.  

The news also caused concern on the Japanese Internet. Some netizens Tucao said it was forcing the staff to bring home work, and netizens said they could work overtime even without computers.


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Japanese overtime culture

The Japanese are famous for working overtime. According to official data, the average working time of the Japanese is more than 2000 hours a year (8760 hours). At least 200 people die of overwork every year. The number of claims caused by overwork is increasing year by year.

Recently, a company called Taisei, in order to keep employees from working overtime, teamed up with blue innovation, a maker of drones, and NTT East, a telecom company, to launch a drone that can force employees to leave the office.  

The way is also very simple and rough. If employees want to work overtime, drones will play songs beside them to disturb them and make them work unintentionally.

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