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When the queen of England or Prince Charles retires in 2021, will he finally make it?

Queen Elizabeth II is Britain's longest reigning monarch, but she is now very old. Local time 28, the Sun reported that the 93 year old Queen Elizabeth II may retire when she turns 95 in 2021, with her eldest son Charles as regent. At that time, Prince Charles was 73 years old.

It was reported that the news of the Queen's retirement was once again widely spread in the media because of the role played by Prince Charles in the event that his younger brother Prince Andrew was retired.

Prince Andrew is the Queen's second son. His close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy American who hanged himself in prison, caused controversy. In an exclusive TV interview, he said that he did not regret making friends with Epstein, which was called a public relations disaster and added fuel to the fire.

Prince Andrew has announced a suspension of his official duties on the grounds that public condemnation of him has caused troubles to the royal family, as well as charities and organizations related to the royal family.

At the time of Prince Andrew's public relations crisis, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla were visiting New Zealand, but he immediately called the queen and together decided to ask Andrew to discharge his duties immediately.

Even if Prince Charles wasn't the last one to pull the trigger on Andrew, the sun said, he was definitely loaded.

After returning from New Zealand, Prince Charles met with his father Prince Philip on the 27th to discuss how to deal with Andrew's follow-up. Although the queen is still in power, Prince Charles has gradually increased his control over the Royal affairs, which is regarded as a sign that the queen may be retiring soon.

Royal sources told reporters that the scandal between Andrew and Epstein gave Charles a chance to get involved and show that he could manage. No one is more important than the family, even Andrew, the Queen's favorite son.

Royal sources said that Charles found the opportunity and acted decisively, just like his upcoming role as king, which is the time for Charles to stand up and become Regent.

When the king or queen is not abdicated, the Regent is actually in charge of the power, which is a taboo word for the royal family, but the rumors about the Queen's retirement are not the first time. According to British media reports, the Queen's retirement rumors are reviving because of Prince Charles's increasing control over Royal affairs, which is seen as a sign that the queen may be retiring soon. Elizabeth II has gradually reduced the number of official activities in recent years, from 332 in 2016 to 283 last year, while 71 year old Prince Charles had 507 official activities last year. Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, retired at the age of 95 two years ago in the autumn.

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