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What happened when two Chinese citizens were kidnapped? Who kidnapped two Chinese citizens

According to media reports, on November 28, the Chinese Consulate General in Lagos reported that on the afternoon of November 25, two Chinese citizens were kidnapped on the way back from work in oshong state, southwest Nigeria. Fortunately, in the early morning of November 27, the two were rescued safely with the help of local villagers and police, and have now returned to the site. At present, the Chinese Consulate General in Lagos has issued relevant safety reminders for the high incidence of various cases in the coming Christmas and new year's day, requiring Chinese enterprises and overseas Chinese in the area to do a good job in prevention and response.

In April this year, the Chinese Consulate General in Lagos released a message on its website that two Chinese citizens who had been kidnapped in Ebon state had been rescued through various efforts.

The news also pointed out that since this year, the number of kidnapping cases against Chinese citizens has been much higher than that of the same period last year. The Consulate General requested the leading Chinese funded institutions in the region to do a good job of re assessment of the local security risks, carefully check the implementation of their own security precautions, and ensure the personal safety of Chinese employees and the smooth progress of the project.

The Consulate General reminded the Chinese funded institutions to strengthen the security guard at the site. Arrange personnel to be on duty and earnestly perform duty duties. Do not carry or store large amounts of cash, and strictly prevent theft and robbery. Turn off the power supply of the temporarily closed office, production and living places to avoid fire. The left behind personnel carry out healthy and beneficial festival activities, and stay away from such ugly behaviors as "yellow, gambling and poison". Strictly abide by the local regulations on setting off fireworks and firecrackers to avoid disturbing the residents.

The Consulate General reminds the local overseas Chinese to pay attention to travel safety. When you go out, you should be accompanied by enough armed guards, choose a safe route and a reasonable travel time. Try to avoid going out at night and alone, avoid going to crowded places, and avoid going to the Niger Delta, the areas with frequent conflicts between farmers and herdsmen in the South and central China, and other high-risk areas.

The Consulate General specially reminds us to pay attention to health and disease prevention. With the rise of temperature, mosquito breeding, malaria and other tropical epidemic diseases enter a high incidence period. It is necessary to clean up the garbage around the residence and workshop in time, kill mosquitoes and rats, and go to the regular hospital for treatment if there is any disease.  

In case of excessive law enforcement and extortion by law enforcement personnel, the Chinese Consulate General in Lagos reminds us to respond rationally, keep good evidence, safeguard rights according to law, and contact the Consulate General in Lagos if necessary.

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