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What’s the matter with Wenzhou issuing male protection order? There should be no double standard of male and female in domestic violence

In general, women are the victims of domestic violence, but it does not mean that men will not suffer domestic violence. Recently, Fanshan court, Cangnan County Court, Wenzhou issued the first personal safety protection order to protect men in Wenzhou City, which changed the stereotype of women as the victims of domestic violence.

According to local media reports, Wu, a protected man, and Lin, his wife, often quarreled and separated; however, after separation, Lin repeatedly came to the door to abuse, even called a group of little brothers to beat him up; Wu had no choice but to move to his parents' house, and Lin came to the door with a hammer, smashing the furniture in the old man's house. Wu had no choice but to apply for personal protection. Men will also be bullied by women, suffer domestic violence, and become passive and beaten roles in the family. No matter men or women, it is necessary to seek legal aid when their personal rights are violated; however, in many places, the "personal safety protection order" is often put on the shelf, especially for men.

In the current marriage relationship, although equality between men and women has become common sense, many times, the public opinion environment faced by men and women is still different. Taking domestic violence as an example, many people subconsciously think that women are too tough when they are raped, while men are too weak and incompetent when they are raped. Therefore, in real marriage, many men are very passive to marriage, not only facing a lot of pressure, but also suffering from injury from time to time, but rarely get attention. Women, as well as women's federations, provide care and services, as well as laws specifically aimed at women's protection. In this regard, men are vulnerable.

This time, Wenzhou issued the first local "protection order" for men, which is actually a timely supplement to the marriage intervention mechanism. In marriage, as long as the body and mind suffer continuous infringement from each other, they have the right to apply for protection and "isolation" from the infringement. In this regard, the outside world does not need to "double standard". It is not cowardice or desperation to solve the problem by law, but to end the long-standing struggle with Hedong lion in a modern and rational way. In addition to this "special intervention mechanism", we should also see that in the marriage relationship, the psychological, physiological, health and living conditions of both men and women should be given equal attention. Of course, there is no denying that women are still vulnerable in general - especially in cases of domestic violence. But it is also the direction that our society should strive to protect men in marriage, support them and help them to establish healthy sexual relations. After all, paying attention to men's rights and interests is also a kind of protection for women.

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According to the statistics of relevant departments, about 24.7% of the families in our country have different levels of domestic violence. According to the statistics of the Supreme Court, intentional homicide cases involving domestic violence account for nearly 10% of all intentional homicide cases. The survey of all China Women's Federation shows that domestic violence is quite common in China. Among 270 million families, 30% of women have suffered from domestic violence. Every year, nearly 100000 families break up because of violence, 90% of whom are men.

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