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Guangzhou 18-year-old brother killed 7-year-old brother and how to solve the family conflict

Guangzhou 18-year-old brother killed his 7-year-old brother? According to Guangzhou Panyu police today (November 26) Notice: at about 7:00 on the 25th, a case of intentional injury occurred in a residential area of Dalong street, Panyu District. Panyu police immediately sent personnel to the scene after receiving the alarm, and informed the "120" medical staff to be present.

After police arrived, they found a 7-year-old boy (from Henan Province) lying in the room. After medical staff confirmed that the boy had no sign of life. Police at the scene control a man aomou (18 years old, from Henan Province). After investigation, the suspect Ao is related to the deceased.

According to the confession of the suspect Ao, due to the pressure of recent work, he had conflicts with his parents, resulting in emotional imbalance. At about 7 am that day, Ao came to his brother's room with a sharp weapon and stabbed him to death.

At present, the suspect Ao has been detained by Panyu police according to law. The case is under further investigation.

Netizens commentary

Many netizens feel sad for the parents of the victims: the most painful is their parents. Think about it, they must be very broken

Some netizens said: I love my brother so much. I didn't do anything.

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