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What’s the matter with the abuse of children by their stepmother

According to media reports, on November 23, a woman in Yantai, Shandong Province reported that her 3-year-old son had been mistreated by her stepmother. From the video provided by the woman, it can be seen that there are many bruises and tooth marks on the child's body, and there are traces of burns on the sole of her feet. Later, according to the investigation of the public security department, the stepmother confessed that he abused the child many times by punching, biting, etc. At present, the stepmother of the boy has been detained for the crime of maltreatment, and the case is under further processing.

Ms. Wang said she divorced her ex husband in October last year and her daughter was returned to her. Han, a 3-year-old boy involved, followed her ex husband. Before that, she wanted to visit her son many times, but her ex husband refused. A few days ago, at her insistence, she saw her son.

"My stepmother has always taken the child with me. On Saturday (November 23), I went to see the child. I thought that the child was not right. Mentally, I found it (the child was abused) when I took it home," Ms. Wang said

Ms. Wang said that the boy's appearance was full of bruises, "bruises and bite marks on his body, including his arms, legs, chest and back, including the sole of his feet, mouth and head." Ms. Wang said that when she found the scar on her son, she had questioned the father of the child, but the other side said "I don't know" and had not found it before. However, Ms. Wang chose to call the police, hoping to find a way for her son through the law.

Later, the media asked the Publicity Department of Qixia municipal Party Committee for details. The Publicity Department of Qixia municipal Party committee said that at 16 o'clock on November 24, after Sina Weibo published a post about the incident, Qixia municipal Party committee and municipal government attached great importance to it. Cuiping street and the Municipal Public Security Bureau were arranged to investigate and deal with it immediately.

After investigation, at about 16:00 on November 23, 2019, the 110 alarm service desk of the Municipal Public Security Bureau received an alarm from Ms. Wang saying that it was suspected that her son Han Mou was abused by his stepmother Wang Mou. After receiving the police, the Municipal Public Security Bureau immediately organized relevant police to investigate.  

According to the inquiry, Wang said that since June 2019, he has repeatedly abused Han by punching, biting and other means, resulting in multiple injuries to his body. At present, the suspect Wang has been detained for the crime of maltreatment, and the case is under further investigation.

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