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What’s the matter with refusing to get married in Chinese clothes? Civil Affairs Bureau official response

Modern young people like to play some new tricks when they get married. On the morning of November 26, Mr. Lin and his wife from Xiamen came to the marriage registration office of Siming District to register for marriage. However, because the photos they submitted for the marriage certificate were taken in Chinese, they were rejected by the civil Affairs Bureau staff. The couple are puzzled about this, because there are many people on the Internet who use photos of Hanfu to register, how can they not do it?

Mr. Lin said: "the staff told us that we couldn't register because this is a strange dress. What I don't understand is that this is clearly Chinese traditional dress. The staff also said that those who had taken photos and registered in military uniforms were just reluctant to pass. "

The company that helped Mr. Lin take the wedding registration photos of Hanfu said that they have taken such photos for many people, including the guests from other places. They can do the wedding registration after taking them back, but the staff of the local Civil Affairs Bureau in Xiamen said they can't.

In order to finish the marriage registration on the same day, Mr. Chen and his wife can only go back to a Hanfu experience hall to take new photos. Later, the couple's formal photos were adopted by the marriage registration office of Siming District Civil Affairs Bureau, and they also got the marriage certificate smoothly.

"Why can't the photos in Chinese clothes be used?" after Mr. Chen got the marriage certificate, he still had doubts about it. At the same time, the staff of the Hanfu experience hall also posted the incident on Weibo, triggering discussion. Moreover, some people on the Internet have also exposed the wedding certificate photos of Chinese clothes.

For this problem, the staff of Xiamen marriage registration office explained that the certificate photo is to be formal. The Han suit is ancient, and it is not allowed to wear the clothes that do not conform to the modern situation, which will make people think that it is an art photo and not formal enough.

However, Xiamen Daily received different opinions. "It's not for Hanfu," said the window staff in the marriage registry of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Siming District, who is responsible for accepting the application of Mr. Chen and his wife According to the staff, photos with Chinese clothes can also be used as wedding license photos, but inappropriate clothes such as brassieres cannot be worn.

From the photos of Mr. Chen's Hanfu, his wife's clothes are not brassieres. Why can't they be used?

The staff further explained that Mr. Chen's wife was dressed in an ancient bun, which was combined with clothing, so that she thought it was an art photo rather than a certificate photo. What's more, she can't tell from the photo that this is a recent photo of Mr. Chen and his wife. According to Article 28 of Chapter IV of the code of marriage registration, "the conditions for accepting marriage registration application are as follows" (7): the parties shall submit 3 recent bareheaded photos of both parties.

Therefore, the staff suggested that they provide more suitable photos for marriage registration.

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