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Boys play the role of Tang tumbler, and netizens are shocked by thunder

Recently, in the streets of Datang city in Xi'an, a "little sister of the tumbler" wearing Tang costumes has become the focus of attention and attracted netizens to imitate. In a dormitory of a university in Xining, Qinghai Province, a boy disguised as a "Tang tumbler" and held hands with the audience, making netizens more impressed than Miss Lei.

The boys said they took these pictures for entertainment. Netizens said: people do not sleep at night, you do not sleep at night.

Men's dormitories are full of wonders. There are hidden "big men" in every university dorm! The version of men's dormitories of Tang Dynasty "sleepless night" can only say that college students are too talented.

And the real little sister is like this:

I don't need to say who is the stronger one.

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