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After the death of Xu Beihong’s daughter, there is no Lingtang and no gift money

As the founder of modern art education in China, Xu Beihong has made a great share in the cause of art in China. Xu Beihong's daughter, Xu Jingfei, is as excellent as her father. She has been awarded as an excellent teacher at the provincial level and an advanced worker in agricultural science and technology for many times. Her rice research project has won the second prize of national science and technology progress award. She is also the winner of the May 1st Labor Medal. But the kind old man left us forever at 9:16 on November 26, at the age of 90.

Li Feng, Xu Jingfei's daughter, said that her mother's most respected person in her life was her father Xu Beihong, who taught her children to be patriotic, studious, diligent and thrifty, and to inherit "Beihong spirit".

Don't set up a spiritual hall after death

Xu Jingfei has been working in sericulture Department of Anhui Agricultural College (now Anhui Agricultural University) since September 1956. He has successively served as lecturer, associate professor, professor and department director. He is also vice president of national sericulture Association and President of Anhui sericulture Association.

She lived in an Nong Da's living area on Changjiang West Road in Hefei city before her death. The house here has not been a teenager. Her home furnishings are simple, there is no Lingtang or wreath.

Li Feng, Xu Jingfei's daughter, told reporters from Xin'an evening news, and Da Wan client that his mother had told them before he died, and that everything behind him should be simple, without a spiritual hall or a gift money, which is also the last wish of respecting his mother.

"As a child, my mother was good at learning and was influenced by her father Xu Beihong." Li Feng told Xin'an evening news, and Da Wan client reporters that when her mother was a child, she liked to watch her grandfather draw. "When she was in Chongqing, her father took her students to sketching, and she would follow her. Her father is the most respected person in her life. At home, she often teaches us to be patriotic, studious, diligent and thrifty, taking her father as an example. "

"Do you have anything valuable in our family? It seems that you can't really see it." Li Hansong, Xu Jingfei's son, said that his mother was hardworking and thrifty all her life, patriotic and loving the party, and often told stories about her grandfather at home. "She said that grandpa always cared about the safety and security of the motherland, loved the motherland and supported the Communist Party of China. During the Anti Japanese War, he went to the Nanyang relief sale and donated all the money to the Anti Japanese front line. Grandpa's patriotism has a profound impact on her

Educate children to inherit the "Beihong spirit"

In September this year, after nine years of expansion, the new memorial hall of Xu Beihong was reopened. On November 2, Xu Beihong's relatives at home and abroad gathered in Beijing again. At that time, Xu Jingfei was both happy and excited, but unfortunately, because of physical reasons, she didn't make it. She asked her children to take a letter to express her thoughts and feelings.

"My mother said in her letter," when it comes to the memorial hall of Xu Beihong, the first thing people think about is Xu Beihong's painting works. Ordinary audiences watch Xu Beihong's works, mainly to appreciate my father's painting art and style. When I watch my father's works, I often associate and emerge the scene when my father created his works. " Li Hansong told Xin'an evening news,, and Anhui client reporters that her mother had repeatedly mentioned the need to inherit the spirit of Beihong, and the last words she wrote were "inherit the spirit of Beihong". In her mind, Grandpa Xu Beihong's life track is always closely connected with the rise and fall of the country and the nation. In his body, he embodies great patriotism, public and selfless noble morality, innovative artistic pursuit and bole style of cherishing talents. In addition, he condenses the independent and self-improvement noble spirit and inspiring spiritual force, which is "sad Hong spirit".

In the 1980s, Xu Jingfei donated her mother's property to the state for free. In 1991, she set up the education foundation of Xu Beihong in Anhui Province with a life-long savings of 500000 yuan to commend the advanced individuals in teaching and educating.

It is reported that Xu Jingfei has been awarded provincial excellent teachers, advanced agricultural science and technology workers, model workers and excellent Communist Party members for many times. In 1986, won the National May 1st labor medal issued by the National Federation of trade unions. In the 1990s, she also led a team to carry out poverty alleviation through science and technology in Dabie Mountain Area and made outstanding achievements.

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