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Is it true that Yu Ya’s ex boyfriend was detained

Yu Ya, the beauty blogger of microblog, posted on her microblog on November 25 that she had been raped by her ex boyfriend's microblog named Tuotuo as a cult of demons, according to media reports. After the incident was exposed, it was spread on the Internet and discussed by netizens at the same time. Later, after the intervention of relevant departments, Yu Ya sent another message on November 28, saying that she and relevant witnesses had cooperated with the police to complete the investigation and evidence collection and fulfilled the relevant legal means accompanied by lawyers. It is reported that the former boyfriend blogger "Tuotuo's cult of demons" has been subject to administrative punishment, and the executive detention was combined for 20 days, and a fine was imposed.

After the exposure of the incident, the public security organ of Jiangbei District, through investigation, has repeatedly carried out drag, push, beating and other intentional injury violations against him from the beginning of April 2019 to the end of August 2019. In addition, it was found that Chen also committed illegal acts threatening the personal safety of others through wechat. In response to the above-mentioned two illegal acts of Chen, the public security organ shall, in accordance with the law on administrative penalties for public security, impose administrative punishments respectively, and concurrently impose administrative detention for 20 days and a fine.

At present, he applied to Jiangbei District People's court for personal safety protection order on November 27 in order to prevent Chen from deliberately harming him again. At present, the court has made a personal safety protection order for he according to the facts after examination.

The following is the original text of Yuya Weibo:

I have a few points to share with you about domestic violence.

1. I have cooperated with the police to complete the investigation and evidence collection and fulfill the relevant legal procedures with the relevant witnesses accompanied by lawyers. The police attach great importance to the investigation work according to law. And a decision has been made today to punish the perpetrators. The perpetrator faces the penalty of 20 days' public security detention. Thank the police!

2. Once again, remind everyone to pay attention to their own safety and protect themselves from any violence. If it happens, remember to call the police at the first time.

I regret that due to my fear and hesitation, the first alarm time was too late, and some important evidence of violence and injury had been destroyed, leading to the perpetrator not receiving the more severe punishment he deserved.

3. With the help of a lawyer, I have applied to the court today for a personal safety protection order. The perpetrator will be blocked out of my life circle according to law. Thank you for the continuous improvement of the law.  

4. Finally, I'm sorry to worry you all these days. Thank you again for your attention to my affairs, because I know that your attention is not for me alone, but for a group, even for every hidden victim that may still exist nearby.

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