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The man’s online love was cheated 480000 yuan in March, and his girlfriend turned out to be a married mother

There are so many lies on the Internet that you never know the real identity of the person behind the screen. Recently, Tianhe police in Guangzhou cracked a telecommunication network fraud case, involving more than 480000 yuan. Police went to other places to capture the suspect ou, who has been detained by the police in accordance with the law. Surprisingly, this female netizen is the mother of two children.

According to the police, in April 2018, Mr. Ye met a woman who called herself "a Xia" on QQ. In the photo, "a Xia" is young and beautiful. After a short online chat, Mr. Ye has a good impression of "a Xia", and "a Xia" also likes Mr. Ye. The two confirm their relationship online.

Shortly after the contact, "a Xia" borrowed more than 480000 yuan from Mr. Ye for various reasons, such as being sick, needing hospitalization expenses, building ancestral graves at home, and being chased for debts by his mother's gambling, and repeatedly promised that "borrowing" would not last long. In addition to the loan, Mr. Ye also bought the other party's mobile phones, clothes and other items online.

One day in August 2018, Mr. Ye suddenly couldn't contact "a Xia". His wechat and QQ numbers were blacklisted by each other. Mr. Ye found out that he had been cheated and reported to the police.

After receiving the alarm, the police investigated the case carefully and found that a woman named Ou was suspected of committing a major crime. On November 14, 2019, the case handling police rushed to Putian City, Fujian Province and arrested oumou with the cooperation of local public security organs.

"I haven't worked since I got married. I usually like to dress up and spend a lot of money. When I don't have enough money at home, I have to borrow many times. Later, I borrow more. " According to ou, when I first met ye, I was married and had children, but because I was short of money, I wanted to cheat some money to repay the loan.

Oumou confesses that in order to let Yemou fall in love with herself, she pretends to be a beautiful girl in wechat circle of friends, a Xia, and contacts Yemou. When a Xia exposes his daily life photos in the circle of friends, Ou Mou will save the photos and send them to Ye Mou. With Ye's love for the young and beautiful "a Xia", Ou began to make up various excuses to "borrow" money from him. In just three months, Ou "borrowed" more than 480000 yuan from ye somewhere.

"I know I'm wrong. I'm sorry. Both of my children are young and need me. I'm sorry for them. " Oumou said regretfully in the interrogation room.

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