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5g technology will be widely used in many fields in 2022

On the afternoon of November 22, the world 5g conference concluded. At the closing ceremony, the Municipal Bureau of economic information technology issued the white paper on 5g Industrial Development in Beijing (2019). According to the white paper, the 5g industry in Beijing has achieved phased results and the industrial ecology has taken shape. By 2022, 5g will be widely used in Beijing's intelligent transportation, intelligent medical treatment, industrial Internet, intelligent city, Ultra HD video and other fields.

According to the white paper, in terms of core technology, Beijing mainly makes breakthroughs around 5g power amplifier, base band and other core chips, communication protocol stack software, telecom network operating system and other weak links in the industry; in terms of core components in the industry chain, it focuses on supporting 6-inch silicon carbide and gallium nitride chip technology platform projects, and is expected to process 1000 6-inch 5g medium and high frequency chips per month at the initial stage Production objectives: in the construction of industrial ecology, support enterprises to establish joint innovation centers, build an open and win-win industrial ecology, give full play to Beijing's technological level and industrial scale advantages in the fields of integrated circuit and software development, and focus on building key core products such as chips, operating systems, data bases, etc.

As for the layout of 5g base station and other infrastructure concerned by the public, it is understood that Beijing will prepare the 5g base station location plan of the whole city, strengthen the joint construction and sharing of 5g infrastructure and energy conservation management of the whole city, practically coordinate the 5g base station construction with urban and rural construction and environmental protection, actively promote the miniaturization and aesthetic construction of 5g base station, and explore diversified base station deployment methods.

It is understood that the white paper is based on the development objectives of the action plan for 5g industry development in Beijing (2019-2022) and the latest trend of 5g industry development. In January 2019, Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology issued the above action plan, proposing to implement the "may 51" project, i.e. "one" breakthrough - Breakthrough of key links such as medium and high frequency core device technology; "Five" scenarios to promote "Five" typical applications; and cultivate "one" batch of 5g industry new formats.

According to the white paper, it is estimated that by the end of 2021, 5g users, including mobile and fixed broadband services, will reach 650 million in the world, 240 million in China, 4.3 million in the world, and 1.65 million in China. It is estimated that there will be 6.5 million 5g base stations and 2.8 billion 5g users in the world by 2025, of which 4 million will be in China, and so will users More than 1 billion.

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