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Huawei applies for a new trademark, or will enter the field of smart home and office

Huawei hasn't made any big moves in the near future. It was thought that Huawei might be focusing on 5g project, but according to mukul Sharma, Huawei is secretly brewing new plans. Huawei has applied for three new trademarks, hoor home, hoor go and hoor work.

According to the public information, on November 18 Huawei applied to register a new trademark for honor home, honor go and honor work. At present, there is no definite information about the specific direction of the three new trademarks of glory. It is speculated that they will be used in home or office.

It is understood that in addition to the glory V30 series of mobile phones, the glory wireless charger and the glory smart scale 2 will also be officially launched on November 26. Glory wireless charger adopts a round design, the material above should be textile; in order to prevent the mobile phone from falling when charging, the charger also has a cross shaped anti-skid rubber on the top. Glory smart scale 2 has a white appearance, tempered glass as the bearing surface and plastic material at the bottom. In addition, glory Hunter router also opens an appointment.

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