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What is the case of violent layoffs in Netease

According to media reports, on the evening of November 24, an online article "Netease layoffs, let the security guard drive me out of the company suffering from terminal illness.". The nightmare I experienced personally in Netease! Was widely spread on various social media platforms. This article was written by an old employee who claimed to have worked in Netease games for 5 years. According to the article, when the performance of the party concerned is not bad, Netease forces the terminally ill employee to leave the company and threatens the employee. If the employee is to be laid off, compensation will have an adverse impact on the future of the employee. After several rounds, the employee was forced out of the company by the security guard.

In the popular complaint article, the party said, "I am a game planner of Netease. After graduating from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2014, he entered Netease. Until the end of 18, when it came out that Netease had broken its contract with the new student, laid off the last day of the year before, and threatened its employees, I still didn't want to believe that this was what Netease did. I didn't expect that I would experience persecution, calculation, surveillance, frame up, threat and even be driven out of the company by the security guard in the near future when I was suffering from terminal illness. "

In this paper, the author claims that he was treated by HR with a series of threats and calculation behaviors after he was found to have DCM, such as: being told that if he wants to take n + 1 compensation for resignation, it will be very bad for the next job; being removed from the work station, excluding the work group, and being told by HR that if he does not take the annual leave again, he will be considered as absenteeism; the attendance record has four more early leave records, and he will be early left; HR In disguise, the HR Director and the HR Director threatened to let the security guard count their personal belongings, etc.

In the article, the employee described the process of being laid off in detail, saying that he was "forced to beat D performance", and "set a trap to block performance complaints", or even "framed to launch reactionary content", and was "violently driven away by security forces". He said at the end of the article, "I believe that any company or leader, by any means, infringes on the rights and interests of employees, threatens to suppress and forbids employees to resist, and no matter how powerful they are, they will eventually be punished as they should be."

After the incident broke out, a senior Internet media person said that it is not uncommon for large companies to lay off workers, but in China's large Internet companies, Netease did a very poor job in this aspect of layoffs, "everything starts from economic interests."

At present, among China's listed technology companies, Ding Lei's Netease ranks sixth, with Alibaba, Tencent, meituan reviews, Jingdong and Baidu in front of him. At the same time, the market value of Netease and pinduoduo behind him is not much different.  

But compared with the old bat, the new meituan, Jingdong and pinduoduo, Netease lags behind the times in technology. Before that, Chinese science and technology companies have gone through several important technological inflection points. The first one is from the Internet and network transmission, and Netease's core technology is centered around games and email. The second one is the advent of mobile Internet. When Netease falls behind a little, it turns over again by virtue of games, cloud music and other projects, and takes a seat in the mobile Internet around mobile games Land.

The full text of Netease's violent layoffs is as follows:

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