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What’s the matter with the seizure of the wheat golden suit

According to media reports, on November 24, the office address of maizijinfu's headquarters in Pudong District of Shanghai was sealed by the police, and only the property management personnel remained at the office address. It is understood that maizijinfu is a well-known P2P company in Shanghai. In 2017, maizijinfu planned to go public in the United States, and the operation time displayed on the official website of the platform is more than 10 years. Previously, Huang Darong, CEO of maizijinfu, announced at the user live conference that in order to actively respond to and cooperate with the regulatory "three drop" requirements, maizijinfu suspended the issuance of new standards, and the lender recovered the corresponding creditor's rights in accordance with the original loan agreement.

This year is the 9th year of the establishment of wheat golden clothing. Mr. Huang Darong, chairman and CEO of Macintosh, said, "Macintosh is an enterprise that pays more attention to technology in the whole Internet finance industry. As the most important standard to measure whether a platform is of high quality, risk control has been mentioned as the strategic commanding point by many enterprises. As for the similar risk control routines in the market, "I hope to tell the society, the government and ourselves clearly that our business is strictly legal and compliant, and the company's operation is in line with the procedures." According to Huang, maizijinfu is one of the first enterprises in the industry to invite Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu to do "health examination".

As early as October 24, maizijinfu announced the voting scheme of the principal guarantee scheme on its official website, including the guarantee of the original recharge principal, the guarantee of the investment principal and the high-risk and high-income. The platform lender voted on the three schemes. This means that the full principal repayment scheme promised by the fortune platform of Macintosh financial services has taken the first step of substantial implementation. At that time, Huang Darong said that in order to fully protect the rights and interests of the lender, after collecting the suggestions of some lenders, the following three schemes were issued for everyone to choose: Taking October 15, 2019 as the benchmark date, taking the principle of protecting the principal of the customer as the principle, wheat financial services provided the scheme of recharge principal guarantee or principal guarantee in investment or high-income and high-risk.

In recent years, the negative public opinion of maizijinfu is continuous. In April 2017, maizijinfu announced that it had obtained round B financing from China Merchants Bank, but was soon "slapped in the face". China Merchants Bank quickly issued a clarification statement: "China Merchants Bank and its subsidiaries have never participated in the financing of wheat financial services, China Merchants Bank reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility for the false publicity in the name of our bank."

In 2017, Macintosh had planned to go to the US on a curve listing. On August 9, 2017, American listed company perch Township small loan announced to sign the equity exchange agreement with the shareholders of Maizi financial service. According to the agreement, once the acquisition is completed, perch Township small loan will hold 100% of the equity of maizijinfu, becoming a financial service group involved in Internet Finance and small loan business at the same time. After the completion of the transaction, the existing shareholders of perch Township small loan are expected to retain about 12% of the ownership interest of the company, while the shareholders of Maizi financial services, the seller, will hold about 88% of the shares of the company.

However, in January 2018, maizijinfu issued a notice on the initiative to terminate the equity swap transaction with perch Township small loan, saying that the equity swap agreement was terminated due to the fact that perch Township small loan violated the terms of the equity swap agreement between the two parties and failed to disclose a number of important information to the CSRC, sorghum Investment Holdings Limited (the overseas company established by maizijinfu) and the public in full and accurate manner. Interestingly, prior to the announcement, the small loan in perch Township also announced that the financial service violated the relevant terms of the equity exchange agreement.  

The legal representative and actual controller of wheat assets are Huang Darong, the post-80s entrepreneur. Huang Darong holds 99% of the equity of Aiman consulting, and participates in the operation of Shanghai noming Investment Center (limited partnership) and Shanghai Jinbei Investment Center (limited partnership) through Shanghai Suiyi Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., which holds 99% of the equity.

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