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What’s the matter with donating 10 pigs to your alma mater? Why do you donate 10 pigs to your alma mater

According to media reports, on November 26, an alumnus donated 10 big fat pigs to his alma mater for the 110th anniversary of Yangjiang No.1 Middle School in Guangdong Province, which was directly pulled to the school by truck. Nowadays, when the price of pork is soaring, 10 pigs can be donated to our alma mater, which is a big deal. Now, 10 big fat pigs are also worth a lot of money. If there are no 100000 pigs, there will be 700000. It is understood that the school teacher said that these pork will be provided for teachers and students to enjoy during the school day. The original intention of the alumni is to thank their alma mater, a very good alumni.

It is understood that when this alumni was studying in his alma mater, his material living conditions were also very poor, but occasionally they could eat the extra dishes in the canteen, all of which were chicken, duck and fish, donated by the elders in the past! This was really the most fortunate moment for him when he was a student! So he thought at that time that his future would be similar to that of the elders, changing for his younger brothers and sisters Good life.  

At present, these 10 big fat pigs have been processed, and are being cut into pieces and put into the pot. They are preparing to add food for high school children: stewed pork, stewed pig's hoof, steamed pork ribs, small crisp meat and other delicacies. With the children's smile, the fragrance is floating all over the campus! It is estimated that this additional meal will also make thousands of students in the school unforgettable and become one of their best memories

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