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Is the diagnosis of bubonic plague true in Siziwang Banner, Inner Mongolia? What is the diagnosis of one case of bubonic plague in Inner Mongolia

According to media reports, on November 27, the health and Health Commission of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region released a message that a herdsman was diagnosed as bubonic plague case by the consultation of experts from the state and the autonomous region during his visit to the people's Hospital of Siziwang Banner. At present, the patient has been isolated and treated in the local hospital, the condition is stable, relevant prevention and control measures have been implemented, 4 close contacts have been isolated for medical observation according to the requirements, and there is no abnormal fever at present.

It is understood that the patient had been active in the plague focus before the onset of the disease. The local government of Siziwang Banner has carried out comprehensive killing of the patient's residence and the surrounding herdsman's residence, and carried out deratization, flea killing, publicity and education work around the patient's residence.

1. Keep good personal hygiene habits, avoid crowded places as much as possible, and wear masks in time when going to medical institutions or individuals have fever, cough and other related symptoms.

2. If you suspect that you have contact with the case, you can actively report to the local disease control department and obtain professional guidance. If you have fever, cough, lymph node pain, hemoptysis or bleeding and other symptoms, you should go to hospital in time.

3. When traveling, try to reduce the contact with wild animals. Do not hunt, peel or carry the epidemic focus animals without permission. At the same time, take anti flea measures to avoid being bitten by fleas.  

4. Field workers should improve the awareness of plague prevention and strengthen personal protection measures.

Extended reading

Mode of transmission of plague

1. Skin infection

Plague can spread through the skin, eat the skin and meat of diseased rodents, or directly contact with the patient's pus blood or sputum, and then infect through the skin wound.

2. Infection of digestive tract

If a person eats meat that has been contaminated with bacteria and has not been cooked, it will become infected.

3. Flea bite

It can be transmitted by rat flea. The bite of rat flea is the main transmission way. The transmission from rodent to flea to human is the main transmission way of bubonic plague.

4. Respiratory tract infection

It can also be spread by human respiratory droplets. People can breathe, talk, cough and so on, so the droplets spread from person to person, and can cause the rapid epidemic of plague in society.

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