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Jiuzhaigou is open to individual tourists, and the daily reception is increased to 20000

The post disaster reconstruction of Jiuzhaigou has been basically completed, and the scenic area has started to operate normally. Recently, the administration of Jiuzhaigou scenic area issued the supplementary notice on opening up (trial operation) of some areas in Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area (hereinafter referred to as the "Supplementary Notice") on its official website. The scenic area is open to individual tourists from now on. The maximum daily tourist reception limit of Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area is transferred from 8000 to 20000.

According to the promotion and trial operation of the post disaster recovery and reconstruction of Jiuzhaigou scenic area, the scenic area is now open to individual tourists, the supplementary notice said. In order to ensure the safety and experience of tourists, the regulations on the maximum capacity of off-season tourists in Jiuzhaigou scenic spot published by the former National Tourism Administration shall be strictly implemented, and the maximum number of single day visitors in the open area shall be 20000.

Jiuzhaigou scenic area is currently open to the public at 8:30-17:00 every day. Tourists can visit Zharugou zharusi, shuzhenggou (except spark sea), rizegou (norilang wuhuahai section scenic spot), zhewagou and other regional scenic spots.

At present, tickets and tickets in the scenic spot are pre purchased under the real name system of the whole network, and there is no ticket window at the scenic spot. All tourists are required to log on to Aba tourism website (website: www.abatour. Com) and enter the second generation ID card or account book, passport and other identity information to book. Tourists entering the scenic spot shall purchase the accidental injury insurance of the scenic spot. Tickets for Jiuzhaigou scenic spot are off-season tickets, with the price of 80 yuan / person and 80 yuan / person.

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