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露营生活远离烦嚣都市 野外露营注意事项



Do you also want to adjust, that formula of work, and then use the holiday into nature? The easiest way to get involved in nature is camping. Besides, camping life can be far away from the noisy city, and it can also change the monotonous and boring rest life. After the holiday, you will have an impulse to live a new life. Now follow 360 common sense net to understand!


Camping refers to living overnight in the mountains with props prepared by oneself instead of relying on artificial equipment such as houses and hotels. In the past, camping activities, most commonly used in scouting and military activities, generally refer to camping in the wild and in nature, which is a kind of free activity centered on staying, but it still has many forms and methods, which are not the same, such as the army's night stay, as small as one person's camping, can be widely recognized as camping.


Camping is fun, but safety is the first element, and the following points must be noted:


When setting up a tent, try to build it on a flat and hard ground. Sand, grassland, or rock debris are ideal camps with good drainage. The entrance should be leeward and away from the hillside with rolling stones. Don't camp on the banks and dry river beds. The four corners of the tent should be pressed with heavy objects such as big stones. Keep the air in the tent. If you want to cook in the tent, you should prevent the fire. To prevent flying insects from entering the tent, sprinkle a circle of kerosene around the tent. When the tent is built, it is better to go south or southeast, where you can see the sunshine in the morning. In order not to be too cold at night, you can choose to build in places with grooves.


Fast "settling in"


When we choose the camp and prepare for the camping, we should first build a public tent. In the downwind of the camp, first set up a cooking tent, build a stove, burn a pot of water, and then successively build a warehouse tent for storing public equipment to live in peace with each other. When the tent of the whole camp is set up, the boiled water is ready to drink and start cooking. In addition, don't forget to build a simple toilet in the downwind, far away from the water source, so as not to use it in a hurry.


Finding water sources


Finding and collecting water is a very important skill in outdoor sports. First of all, the preferred place to find water sources in mountain areas is the valley bottom area. If you want to find water in mountain areas, you should look for it along the rock cracks. In the sand and stone areas of dry river beds, spring holes are often dug. On the coast, a pit should be dug above the highest water line, and there is likely to be a layer of filter water with a thickness of about 5cm floating on the dense sea water layer. However, when drinking the water in the ponding area, it must be disinfected, precipitated and boiled before drinking. Must not be to understand a thirst, and not disinfection, direct reference. In addition, collecting rainwater is also an effective way to get water. Dig a hole in the ground, spread a layer of plastic, and surround it with clay to collect rainwater.


In the wild, if you find traces of animals, birds, insects, or humans, you can follow the footprints to find water. Many plants, such as bamboo and other hollow plants, often have water in their internode, rattan plants often have drinkable juice, palm and cactus plants have abundant water in their fruits and stems.


Ingenious fire


Fire can not only cook food, but also release heat to produce warmth, which will save heat loss in the body; it can dry clothes; smoked meat can be kept fresh for a long time; fire can scare away dangerous beasts; smoke can drive away pests; in addition, it can forge metal tools and sharpen sticks. So we must learn to make a fire under any conditions and anywhere.


Under normal circumstances, lighters and matches are the most important ignition tools. Drop wax on the match before departure to prevent it from becoming damp. In case the match is wet, rub it in the hair, and the hair will dry due to static electricity. In addition, remember that a small candle can last for a long time with the minimum energy loss, and the candle is a good combustion supporting agent.


In the case of strong sunlight, enough heat can be generated to ignite the fire after being gathered through convex mirror. A magnifying glass, telescope, or camera convex can be used as a means of making a fire.


Another way to make a fire is to use batteries. The spark produced by connecting the positive and negative poles of the battery in the vehicle, flashlight or radio with wires can be used for ignition.


Of course, we can also go back to ancient times and make fire by drilling wood. A piece of hard spindly wood is used to rub and drill holes on a cork base. At first, fine sawdust will fall, and then the friction area will become hot. In order to facilitate drilling, hard spindly wood is often wrapped around a homemade bow to speed up the rotation speed and ignite the fire as soon as possible.


Field toilet


When we take part in field activities, we often camp in the field. When we arrive at the destination to build a camp, it is very necessary to build a simple field toilet. The field toilet should be located in the downwind of the camp, slightly lower than the camp, and away from the river (at least 20 meters away). It's better to dig a rectangular earth pit about 30cm wide, 50cm long and about half a meter deep, in which some stones and fir leaves (to eliminate odor) are put. Three sides shall be enclosed with plastic cloth or packing box, fixed well, and the opening side shall be leeward. Prepare some sand and a spade in the toilet, and another board or cardboard. After defecation, use some sand to bury the excrement and toilet paper, and cover the pit with wooden board or cardboard to eliminate the peculiar smell and maintain hygiene. In addition, a signboard shall be set up outside the toilet so that others can see whether someone is using the toilet at a distance. At the end of the camp, the pit will be buried in sand, marked and told to other participants in the field activities.


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