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准备工作做得好 出外旅游没烦恼



When we travel in strange places, some people who are not in the right mood may try to get close to us as tourists and let us be victims. This will make tourists spend more money and waste more time. But there are some techniques that can help us avoid the unpleasant things and enjoy a better holiday. Now follow 360 common sense net to understand!


Common sense for traveling


Rule 1: injection prevention is necessary before going abroad


In order to avoid all kinds of infectious diseases, we can refer to the environment of the tourist site before traveling, and give necessary preventive shots before departure, such as influenza vaccine, hepatitis A and B vaccine, tetanus, diphtheria and other vaccines, as well as take antimalarial drugs to avoid infectious diseases.


Rule 2: drink more water


When traveling, more water should be added to reduce the chance of gastrointestinal discomfort; more water can make the skin water more suitable and beautiful for taking photos; more water on the plane can reduce the chance of being infected with germs; when traveling, especially for patients with hypertension and ischemic heart disease, more water should be added, and attention should be paid to sleeping and blood pressure at any time.


Rule 3: take a long-distance flight and exercise in time


Take a long-term flight, and when you arrive at the destination, you will often have pain in the whole body and swelling in the lower limbs. You can get up every other hour, do simple stretching exercises, and massage the lower legs, neck and back of the waist gently to reduce the pain and swelling in the lower limbs after sitting for a long time, and prevent vein embolism. Especially remind the patients with ischemic heart disease and hypertension to sit in the chair for a long time, which is easy to cause leg embolism Vascular embolism, and then evolve into pulmonary embolism and sudden death, so be sure to get up and walk every other period of time.


Rule 4: chewing gum and yawning can reduce the tinnitus during takeoff and landing


Whenever the aircraft takes off and lands, there are often tinnitus, earache, earplugs or dizziness. You can take a pack of gum with you to make your mouth chew, which can slow down this phenomenon. However, if you have a bad cold, chronic hearing impairment or eustachian tube dysfunction, you should first seek medical treatment before taking off, otherwise you will aggravate the uncomfortable situation.


Rule 5: wash your hands frequently, avoid drinking raw food or touching wild animals and plants


During the journey, people are most afraid of eating bad stomachs, affecting physical strength and damaging travel mood. Washing hands is the only way to prevent gastrointestinal infection. Avoiding raw food and drink can reduce the risk of infection.


Rule 6: after arriving at the destination, bask in the sun, which can relieve the time difference problem


Do you always think day and night are reversed because of the time difference on your journey? It is advisable to have a sun exposure after arriving at the destination, so as to relieve the time difference problem. This is because the human body's physiological clock will adjust itself as the sun rises and falls. If this still makes you unable to sleep, you can take a small amount of sleeping pills to help you sleep.


Rule 7: get enough sleep, keep good physical strength for traveling, and walk too many times to relieve pain with hot compress


It's inevitable to walk more when traveling, so it's very important to have enough sleep, especially for patients with cardiovascular disease, to have enough sleep and a good diet, so as to avoid the problem of sudden rise of blood pressure. Under the change of environment, sufficient sleep can reduce the probability of skin acne and dark circles. If you have sore legs, it is recommended to soak in hot water and massage to relieve the pain.


Rule 8: take sunscreen and skin care measures to leave beautiful memories


During the journey, due to the change of environment and work and rest, the skin is the first human body alarm. If you go to a hot and humid country, you should take sun protection measures. If you go to a cold country, you should pay attention to the frostbite of the skin and improve the oil quality of the maintenance products. If there is no defect on the face, the memories will be more beautiful.


Rule 9: prepare enough drugs. If necessary, discuss with a doctor before going abroad


There are all kinds of health problems on the journey, especially those with cardiovascular disease, chronic disease or allergy, etc. they must prepare enough drugs before going out. The patients can take the drugs from the doctor for up to two months with the copy of the ticket, and talk with the doctor before going abroad, and take preventive measures. The patients with the original diseases of muscles and bones should be prepared for internal and external medication, knee pads and other rehabilitation products.


Rule 10: good preparation, no worries about traveling abroad


Before traveling abroad, you can get the data of local climate, environmental health and epidemic situation. You can query on the Internet, and you should take some regular medicines, such as carsickness medicine, anti allergy medicine, cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, disinfectant, skin care products, etc. sufficient preparation can guarantee your health.


What should be paid attention to when traveling.


1. Remember that free things are not really free


When traveling around the world, you may have seen some street performances, and some of them are really incredible. However, when they offer to take a picture with you, you should be careful, because there are many such people who will ask you to pay after taking a picture.


Another common trick is to use "Friendship Bracelet". Liars usually say it's completely free and tie it to your wrist, and then they start asking for money. In some cases, such people will appear in groups, and one of them will hold your hand to prevent you from leaving. There is no doubt that most people will be afraid, and it will be very difficult to say no. However, when you encounter this situation, you still have to say "no", and do not let the other party tie things to you, let alone let the other party restrain your behavior.


2. Carrying spare parts


Spare passport photos, debit and credit cards, camera batteries and other items will not take up too much space, but you can avoid material shortage in an emergency.


3. Storage of emergency funds


When you travel in a strange and mysterious place, you'd better be able to deposit some bank cards in a hidden place, which can let you still use money to help yourself in some unexpected situations. After all, it's not so convenient for you to ask for help in a strange city, especially in a strange country.


4. Meet local people


When you travel in a place, you can try to meet the local people and feel the place. If their lifestyle is different from your habits, don't judge at will. Keep your mind open.


5. The leased motorcycle may be stolen or damaged


It's very convenient to rent a motorcycle on holiday, and in most cases, the preferential rent is also real. However, there are also some scams in this kind of leasing. For example, you may find that the motorcycle you rent has been damaged or even stolen. In this way, you have to pay a high maintenance fee or even the whole cost of the motorcycle. In order to avoid this, you can use the lock you bought, so as to prevent the cheater from secretly using the spare key to drive away the motorcycle you rented.


6. Be careful of motor boat damage


Another common scam involves things that are relatively fast, such as jet skis, motorboats, etc., which can also be a very interesting entertainment tool when on holiday. But when you return the item, the other party may show you the scratches and cracks, insist that you did it, and ask you to pay for the repair. So, before you use any device, please shoot all the worn parts in advance.


7. It's better to travel by air in the morning


Most thunderstorms occur in the afternoon and at night, which is why morning flights are less prone to turbulence.


8. Get up early and go out, avoid


Get up early and go sightseeing in the city to avoid crowds as much as possible. The morning is usually the best time to take photos, which professionals call "prime time".


9. Choose off-season travel


When the school is off, it is often a good time for many families to take their children to travel. If you don't have school-age children at home, consider going on vacation during the term, so you won't be so crowded. Sometimes, off-season travel is easier for you to really enjoy the beauty of travel.


10. Learn a few foreign languages


When you travel to another country, you don't need to speak a foreign language fluently, but just knowing a few phrases can have a big impact on your travel experience. When tourists can say a few words in the local language, people usually appreciate it.


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