猫未必比狗聪明 猫表示智商测试跟我没关系-看世界

猫未必比狗聪明 猫表示智商测试跟我没关系



Generally speaking, if there are cats and dogs in the family, the status of cats is relatively high. Whether it's to occupy the sleeping place, eat first when eating, or attack when playing, and receive, it's obvious that cats have the initiative. Is cats really smarter than dogs? Now follow 360 common sense net to understand!


I. is a big head smart?

科学论证讲究数据,但什么数据是合适的?如何处理这些数据? 对于不同物种智商的比较,公认的办法是比大脑。如果只考虑大脑质量,毫无疑问狗的脑子更重,因为狗体型比猫大。

Scientific argument stresses data, but what data is appropriate? How to deal with this data? For the comparison of IQ of different species, the accepted method is to compare IQ with brain. If we only consider the brain quality, there is no doubt that the dog's brain is heavier, because the dog is bigger than the cat.

但这样比的话,人也占不到便宜,毕竟体型最大的鲸鱼才有全世界最重的大脑。于是,新方法出现了,人们开始计算脑重与体重之比,这样一算,猫的脑重体重比为0.9%,而狗为1.2%。 看上去仍然是狗占优势? 然而,脑子重真的说明智商高吗?说不定只是因为含水量偏高呢?大脑最核心的部位是大脑皮层,涉及到感知觉、信息处理、推理判断等功能,如果我们考虑大脑皮层包含神经元的数量,猫的大脑皮层神经元数量为3亿,而狗为1.6亿,猫几乎是狗的两倍。

But in this way, people can't take advantage of it. After all, the largest whale has the heaviest brain in the world. So, a new method appeared. People began to calculate the ratio of brain weight to body weight. In this way, the ratio of brain weight to body weight in cats was 0.9%, while that in dogs was 1.2%. Looks like dogs still have the edge? However, does heavy brain really mean high IQ? Maybe it's just because of the high water content? The core part of the brain is the cerebral cortex, which involves sensory perception, information processing, reasoning and judgment. If we consider the number of neurons contained in the cerebral cortex, the number of neurons in the cat's cerebral cortex is 300 million, while that in the dog is 160 million, and the cat is almost twice as many as that in the dog.


Does this mean that cats are smarter than dogs? Obviously not. Who is smarter? Such a rigorous judgment can't only look at the data, but use the facts to speak.


2. Is socialization smart?


It has been suggested that the more socialized animals are, the higher their IQ will be. According to this hypothesis, the hypothesis of shrugging the cat's hearing is: "not only are dogs smarter than cats, but the IQ gap between them is getting bigger and bigger."

1998年,掀起了关注狗狗智商高潮的研究是这样的。实验人员面前有两个杯子,一个里面有奖励,一个是空的。研究者发现狗能理解人的手势——人指向哪个杯子,狗就会选择对应的杯子,从而得到奖励。 狗成功通过了这个测试,但普遍被看好的黑猩猩却失败了,它们只会随机选择杯子,完全忽略了人的指示。 那么猫的表现如何呢? 首先,猫主子表示:“实验室是什么地方?我不去!”猫完全无法忍受陌生环境下的实验,因此,实验人员只好前往猫主人的家中进行实验。 其次,相当数量的猫完全不配合实验。 最后,那些乐于参与实验的猫的表现几乎和狗一样好。这表明猫和狗一样,也能理解主人的意图,具备初级的思维能力。只不过有时候猫不愿意搭理你。

In 1998, there was a study focusing on the climax of dog intelligence. There were two cups in front of the experimenter, one with reward and the other empty. The researchers found that dogs can understand people's gestures - which cup a person points to, the dog will choose the corresponding cup and get the reward. The dog passed the test, but the popular chimpanzee failed. They only randomly chose the cup and ignored the instructions of the human. So how does the cat behave? First, the cat owner said, "where is the lab? I won't go! " The cat couldn't stand the experiment in the strange environment, so the experimenter had to go to the cat owner's home to do the experiment. Secondly, a considerable number of cats did not cooperate with the experiment at all. Finally, the cats who were willing to participate in the experiment performed almost as well as the dogs. This shows that the cat, like the dog, can understand the owner's intention and have primary thinking ability. But sometimes the cat won't take care of you.


The level of socialization can only show that the social structure of cats and dogs is different. Dogs are willing to cooperate with people's instructions and will actively please people, so they perform better in IQ tests. And the cat said, is IQ test related to me?


Can the cat count?

研究狗的智商的论文已经数以百计了,但猫这方面的论文却很少。 尽管猫不在乎它的智商,但是有人在乎。

There have been hundreds of papers on the intelligence of dogs, but few on cats. Although cats don't care about their IQ, some people do.

世界一流的动物认知科学家费劲千辛万苦发出了一篇论文后,发表了咆哮体:“我们做了一项关于猫的研究,这已经让我受够了!” 毕竟,猫经常做出一些让实验人员大跌眼镜的事情。 它们在陌生环境下很可能抓狂,注意力完全不在实验上。你把猫放进迷宫,接下来的一幕很可能是,猫走进了一个死胡同,然后坐了下来,开始舔毛擦脸。你在猫眼前放了食物,结果它连看都不看,更不用说尝试去抓取食物了。

"We've done a study on cats, and I'm fed up with it!" roared the world's leading animal cognition scientist after a painstaking paper After all, cats often do things that amaze experimenters. They are likely to go berserk in unfamiliar environments, with no attention at all on the experiment. You put the cat in the maze, and the next scene is likely to be when the cat walks into a dead end, sits down, and starts licking his hair and wiping his face. You put food in front of the cat's eyes and it doesn't even look, let alone try to grab it.

但还是有人拿猫的智商发了论文, 有人试图测试猫会不会数数,方法很简单,一边是三个圆点加一盘食物,另一边是两个圆点加一个空盘子,然后看被试能否在训练后发现三个圆点和两个圆点的区别。 这个实验相当简单,猴子、鸟类,甚至连鱼都能够通过,然而猫却不行。 最大的问题是,猫哪个都不选。即便是顺利完成了实验的猫,它们的关注点也很奇怪——比如它们可能对圆点的大小,而不是圆点的数量更感兴趣。

However, some people have published papers on the IQ of cats. Some people try to test whether cats can count. The method is very simple. One side is to add three dots to a plate of food, the other side is to add two dots to an empty plate, and then see whether the subjects can find the difference between three dots and two dots after training. The experiment is quite simple. Monkeys, birds and even fish can pass, but cats can't. The biggest problem is that cats don't choose either. Even the cats that did the experiment were oddly focused - for example, they might be more interested in the size of the dots than the number of them.


People who did the experiment had to be careful to come to the conclusion that counting may not be so important for cats. After all, it is not necessary for cats to learn to count in the wild to survive.


Can cats be domesticated?


In another experiment, cats and dogs needed to remove food from under obstacles. In the first phase of the experiment, both the cat and the dog were able to complete the task smoothly. In the next stage, the experimenter made hands and feet, and the food was tied on the legs of the chair, which could not be taken out. After trying for a while, the dog gave up the experiment and asked the owner for help. But the cat almost does not pay attention to the owner, but has been trying to complete this impossible task.

这可能是猫和狗的驯化程度不一样。毕竟,狗已经陪伴了人类三万年,而猫的驯养时间不到一万年。长期和人类共同的结果,是狗的社会化程度越来越高,对人的依赖越来越大。 因此,遇到难题时,狗第一反应是向人求助,而猫不会这样做。

It may be that the domestication of cats and dogs is not the same. After all, dogs have been with humans for 30000 years, while cats have been domesticated for less than 10000 years. As a result of long-term cooperation with human beings, dogs are becoming more and more socialized and dependent on human beings. Therefore, when confronted with a problem, the dog's first reaction is to ask for help, while the cat will not.


In fact, as long as the method is appropriate, the cat can also train like a dog, learn to sit, stand, wave claws and go to the toilet.


At the end of the 19th century, even some people sent letters with cats. All 37 cats sent the letters to the designated place within 24 hours. Maybe we'll have a chance to meet the cat courier later?


5. Cats are not necessarily smarter than dogs, but

关于猫和狗的智商研究目前尚无定论,或许永远都不会有结果。猫未必比狗聪明,但是,那些会“挑事儿”的研究者,会去研究那些爱猫或爱狗者的人。 该研究调查了600名在校大学生,发现其中有11%的人喜欢猫,60%的人喜欢狗,剩余的人是两者都喜欢或都不喜欢。 研究发现,爱狗者更加活泼,外向,更倾向于遵守规则,而爱猫者更加内向,敏感,思想开放,更倾向于打破常规。人们根据自己的性格选择了自己喜爱的宠物!

There is no conclusion about the intelligence research of cats and dogs at present. Maybe it will never come to an end. Cats are not necessarily smarter than dogs, but researchers who are "picky" will study people who love cats or dogs. The study surveyed 600 college students and found that 11% of them like cats, 60% like dogs, and the rest like or dislike both. The results show that dog lovers are more active, extroverted and tend to abide by the rules, while cat lovers are more introverted, sensitive, open-minded and tend to break the rules. People choose their favorite pets according to their personalities!


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