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狗狗经常叹气是否是因心情不好 不要忽视狗狗的叹气



It is not difficult for families with dogs to find such a situation, that is, their dogs often sigh, just like what a big thing happened, just like a little old man! And sigh when will habitually put his head on the front paw prone, looks lovely and pitiful.


Why do dogs always sigh because they are in a bad mood?


In, many people have experienced similar things, whether it's a pet dog or a stray dog on the street, they will always lie on the ground powerless, put their head on two front paws, a face of life can not be loved. Why is that?


Take human beings for example. There are many reasons why a person sighs because of something. Dogs also sigh because of many things. Because of the language barrier, we may never be able to have an equal communication with dogs. It is difficult to ensure that the information conveyed is completely correct only through behavior analysis, but this can't be given up. Maybe an unintentional coincidence will break through the barrier between us and pets.


When life is not good, many people will always unconsciously sigh. Although it is useless, the breath seems to take away the helplessness and entanglement in their hearts. In fact, as long as we pay a little attention in our daily life, we will find that many small subconscious behaviors represent our real inner state. Some friends who are familiar with us can often see our real inner thoughts from these small details.


For dogs to sigh, they may be intentional or unintentional, these sounds have some specific meaning. Don't think dogs aren't trying to communicate with us because we can't understand the sounds they make. Combined with the environment, analyze why your dog sighs, and then take care to see if you can understand why your dog sighs - because it's more important than analyzing why the dog sighs.

唯一不同的地方就是,有的时候狗狗叹气以后,是瞪着眼睛特别委屈,有的时候贪玩起以后就趴着睡着了!这两者之间有什么区别呢?自然是有的,这就要说到狗狗的情绪方面了。如果狗狗在叹气以后, 是呈现一副委屈的苦瓜脸,那就真的证明狗狗不是很开心,是不是主人忘记了跟狗狗之间的什么约定,比如出去遛弯儿!

The only difference is that sometimes when the dog sighs, he is especially aggrieved by staring at his eyes, and sometimes he falls asleep after playing! What's the difference between the two? Naturally, there are. This is about dogs' emotions. If the dog shows a face of grievance after sighing, it really proves that the dog is not very happy. Does the owner forget the agreement with the dog, such as going out for a walk!


At this time, the owner should coax the dog patiently. Generally, the dog is very important to the owner, so it is very easy to coax. Next time, don't forget the appointment. If the dog falls asleep after sighing, the owner doesn't have to worry about it, because it shows that the dog is very happy and just wants to sigh and rest when he is too tired! Maybe the dog will have a good dream and look forward to going out with the owner next time!


Animals, like us, also have the habit of sighing. Recently, researchers have found that the meaning of a dog's sighing is actually different from what we think.


The dog's sigh should be judged according to the actual scene. Simply put, a dog's sigh is an end to his current emotional state. If the owner has just finished a happy activity with the dog, or has slipped out of the house and come back together, the sigh of the dog means that he is very satisfied.


If the dog is begging you to play with him for a while and doesn't get the response he deserves, the sigh indicates that he is in a very low mood. The state of the dog's eyes when sighing is also one of the criteria for judging. If the dog's eyes are half open when sighing, it means that he is very happy; if the dog's eyes are all open when sighing, it means that he is dissatisfied.

我们在养宠生活中,是否能读懂的行为语言非常关键。宠物经常会通过一些行为来表示自己的想法,美国训犬师jody Epstein说:如果狗狗在床上的身体非常放松,耳朵也是软软的,头朝下贴在床上,这就是狗狗的“睡觉”姿势,我们可以认为这是狗狗最佳的放松状态。如果狗狗正在躺着,却突然坐起来看着你并发出声音,则表示有一些事情可能需要沟通。

In our pet life, whether we can read the behavior language is very important. Pets often express their thoughts through some behaviors. American dog trainer Jody Epstein said: if the dog's body is very relaxed in the bed, its ears are soft, and its head is stuck on the bed, this is the dog's "sleeping" position. We can think that this is the best relaxing state for the dog. If the dog is lying down and suddenly sits up and looks at you and makes a sound, there may be something to communicate.


Due to the language barrier, we may never be able to have an equal communication with the dog. It is difficult to guarantee that the information conveyed is completely correct only through behavior analysis, but this can not be abandoned. Maybe an unintentional coincidence will break through the barrier between us and the pet.


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