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带宠物出国全攻略 携宠离境至少提前一周进行检疫



Take a pet abroad, only oneself experienced, just know how much trouble. There are a lot of questions that we don't know where to find answers, such as: do we need isolation? What documents need to be prepared? How to ensure the flight safety of pets? Which airlines can take them? The information about pets going abroad in mainland China is quite limited, after all, it's not common to take pets abroad, and fewer people know the complete relevant regulations and procedures. The following 360 common sense network will share some experience of taking pets abroad.


When leaving the country with pets, please take the pets to the place designated by the local inspection and quarantine institution at least one week in advance for quarantine.


Step one:


Necessary data for quarantine:

(1) 县级以上畜牧兽医站或指定的宠物医院出具的《狂犬病免疫证书》(注射狂犬病疫苗的日期至起程日不超过30天);

(1) the rabies immunization certificate issued by the animal husbandry and veterinary station at or above the county level or the designated pet hospital (the date from which rabies vaccine is injected to the departure date shall not exceed 30 days);

(2) 原始的宠物健康证书;

(2) original pet health certificate;

(3) 运输器械消毒证明(航空箱或者自制动物笼子消毒证明);

(3) disinfection certificate of transport equipment (disinfection certificate of air box or self-made animal cage);

(4) 填妥的《报检单》。经检查合格,检验检疫机构将签发动物健康证书。

(4) completed inspection application form. After passing the inspection, the inspection and quarantine organ will issue the animal health certificate.


Step two:


Buy a pet special air box, call the airline 3 days in advance to book a flight with yourself. By the way, go to the civil aviation freight station to find out where the quarantine certificate needs to be submitted (usually there is an agent near the airport, get the certificate for the money, no need to inject).


The pet will be sent to the airport freight station 3 hours in advance for formalities, payment and insurance. Note: don't let the pet go through the X-ray machine, just through the box.


Then go to the pick-up center at the destination and pick up the pet with the ID card.


Cage requirements:


Generally speaking, the cage is required to be of reinforced structure, and the chassis and surrounding areas should be enclosed with iron sheet. Only the upper part is allowed to be reserved as a vent, and the hemp bags or cotton mats should be tied under the chassis, so as not to pollute other goods with feces and urine leakage. The two sides of the cage need to have loop hands (which can be made of lead wire), and the opening of the cage should be tied with lead wire.


Note: pets should be vaccinated before long-distance travel. Fix the water dispenser in the air cage, the bigger the better, the pet will be thirsty easily during the journey. Put warm clothes on pets in winter to prevent them from freezing.

TIPS:建议乘坐外航或中国西北航空公司的飞机,他们会很关心您的宠物。飞机设立一项“优先照顾宠物服务”,让它们也能既安全又舒适地旅行。西北航空提供多种运载动物的方式:行李、货物及贵重包裹“VIP”(Very Important Package)。若旅客的小狗、小宠物或雀鸟的体积不大,可放进可置于乘客座位下方的宠物笼,西北航空允许携带这些宠物进入客舱内。

Tips: it's recommended to take the plane of foreign airlines or Northwest Airlines of China. They will be very concerned about your pet. The plane set up a "priority pet care service" so that they can also travel safely and comfortably. Northwest Airlines provides a variety of ways to carry animals: luggage, goods and valuable packages "VIP" (very important package). If the size of the passenger's dog, pet or bird is not large, it can be put into the pet cage which can be placed under the passenger's seat. Northwest Airlines allows these pets to enter the cabin.


There are different charges for carrying pets. Please contact the airline reservation group of your choice to check the charges and arrange services for your pets.




In order to reduce the spread of the disease as much as possible, the governments of all countries strictly control the animals entering the country, especially the countries that have eliminated rabies, such as the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand have very strict isolation regulations. Ignoring these quarantine procedures can result in severe punishment, return or even destruction, so any attempt to smuggle pets into other countries in violation of regulations is extremely irresponsible.


General requirements:


1. Necessary formalities for exit


If you want to take a pet abroad, you must leave plenty of time to handle the required certification materials. First of all, apply to the animal and plant quarantine office at the port of departure for inspection before leaving the country, and provide relevant certificates (such as vaccine injection certificate, etc.). If a pet passes the quarantine, the port animal and plant quarantine office shall issue the animal health certificate as the quarantine certificate of the pet when it leaves the customs and enters the other country. Then, contact the Embassy of the other country to verify the exact requirements of that country. It is necessary to ask the veterinarian to check the pet before leaving the country. It is important to vaccinate the pet against rabies.


2. transport


In case of departure by air, the flight shall be contacted to understand the special requirements and management rules in this regard. It's easy to travel with pets on the same flight. According to the flight requirements, pets should be placed in boxes of the specified size. The owner should contact the freight Department of the flight to find the exact diameter (including the position of the air hole on the box).


National and Hong Kong regulations:


1. Necessary procedures for entering the UK and Ireland


All pets must be kept in an approved quarantine area for 6 months. If you have not been vaccinated against rabies, your pet must be vaccinated against rabies as soon as it enters the quarantine area. All pets entering the UK and Ireland must apply for an entry permit, which is issued by the Ministry of agriculture. British expatriates, no matter how short their pets have left the UK, must go through the required isolation time and have other necessary procedures implemented at that time before entering the UK.


2. Necessary procedures for entering the European mainland


Compared with Britain and Ireland, pets entering European mainland countries need simple procedures, mainly including the following:


(1) health certificate. Only the health certificate issued within 48 hours before departure is valid. The certificate is issued by the veterinarian, which indicates that (the veterinarian must be the agent approved by the relevant department responsible for issuing the exit certificate) the pet has no infectious disease, bacterial disease or rabies.

(2)狂犬病的免疫注射证。这里要提的是,在一个消灭了狂犬病的国家(如英国、 爱尔兰、澳大利亚等国)生活了6个月后再进入其它国家的宠物,则可以不必具备此证书。然而,出于对宠物的爱护,以及到达目的地时,让海关确信该宠物符合检疫要求,最好还是让宠物注射狂犬病疫苗。

(2) the immune injection certificate of rabies. It should be mentioned that pets who live in a country where rabies has been eliminated (such as Britain, Ireland, Australia, etc.) for six months before entering other countries may not have this certificate. However, in order to protect the pet and make the customs sure that the pet meets the quarantine requirements when arriving at the destination, it is better to vaccinate the pet against rabies.


(3) exit certificate. Obtain a valid exit certificate from the relevant domestic registration department. The certificate should state that in the past two years, there has been no epidemic of infectious diseases in the pet's residence. According to the law, infectious diseases are to be reported to the relevant departments of the country. The exit certificate shall be issued by the competent department of the country where it is located. If it is in conformity with the regulations, the certificate will be stamped with the seal of approval as soon as it sets foot in the country where it is to reside.


3. Necessary procedures for entering Australia


All pets entering Australia must comply with quarantine regulations and obtain an entry permit in advance. Apart from pets from New Zealand and coconut islands, pets from other countries shall be isolated for different times according to regulations: pets from the UK or the Republic of Ireland shall be isolated for two months; pets from Norway, Sweden or Hawaii shall be isolated for four months; pets from other countries that are allowed to enter the country shall be isolated for nine months; pets from countries that are not allowed to enter the country must be isolated for different times Live for 30 days in a country (usually the UK or Hawaii) that has an entry permit, and then enter Australia with your pet according to the necessary procedures for entering Australia from that country.


4. Necessary procedures for entering the United States and Canada


The necessary procedures for pets to enter North America are similar to the requirements for entering the European continent, except for the attached bill of lading and immunity certificate. At present, pets do not need to be quarantined in the United States, but a health certificate issued within 10 days must be provided, and the quarantine of rabies and other major pet diseases must be focused. Translation of the required health certificate (e.g. Spanish or French health certificate) is not legally required, but having a translation reduces delays due to language barriers.


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