油烟机的废油也是养花好肥料 好用的养花窍门盘点-看世界

油烟机的废油也是养花好肥料 好用的养花窍门盘点



Do you want to build a small garden on the balcony? But why can't you keep it? It doesn't matter, 360 common sense net teaches you a few simple and easy to use, fertile and beautiful!


Using waste oil of lampblack machine to raise flowers


There will be a lot of waste oil in the range hood used at home after a long time. This part of oil can also be used to raise flowers. But using waste oil as fertilizer needs some skills. After the waste oil is collected, the waste oil is put into a plastic bucket. The opening of the bucket is covered with multi-layer plastic film, and the rope is tied tightly to let it bask in the sun. In summer and autumn, retting can take 1 month. It is necessary to retting for more than 3 months in winter and spring before use. It is better to ferment at the same time, such as adding rotten leaf and fruit skin of vegetables. The fermented fertilizer should be diluted before use, and it should be diluted rather than concentrated.


Using sugar water to make rooting solution


Mix and dilute the white sugar and water in the proportion of 1:9, then put the cuttings to be cutted into the white sugar water seed for soaking for one hour, and then wash them with water for cuttage, which can effectively improve the survival rate of cuttage.


Water the flowers with orange peel


Orange peel can change the pH value of the soil. Prepare a bucket with a big bucket. Put only one piece of orange peel in it. Soak it for 1-2 days and pour it evenly on the basin soil. It can not only eliminate small flying insects, but also improve the pH value of the soil after a long time. Of course, it can't be poured often, sometimes. Blistered rotten orange peel can also be kept, mixed in the soil to grow flowers!


Washing rice and watering flowers


Often use rice washing water to water Milan and other flowers, which can make their branches and leaves lush and colorful.


Raising flowers with sawdust


When planting flowers, adding a small amount of sawdust can effectively improve the soil structure. The mixed sawdust can be used without being rotted. This is because the sawdust is rotted slowly and produces less heat, which will not cause great damage to the root system.

如果要大量使用锯末做栽培基质时,最好能腐熟后再使用,防治烧根。腐熟时,可以将锯末用塑料袋或桶装起来,然后加点水封口,大约发酵两个月就能使用。 灭花盆虫蚁六法

If you want to use a lot of sawdust as the culture medium, you'd better use it after it is rotten to prevent burning roots. When it is rotten, it can be packed in plastic bags or barrels, then sealed with water. It can be used after fermentation for about two months. Six methods of killing flower pot insects and ants


(1) when there are small flying insects in the flowerpot, three or four cotton cuttings (cotton sticks) can be used to dip dichlorvos to avoid dripping. Then, the handle end is inserted into the basin soil around the plant, and the flying insects can be eliminated.


(2) washing powder: dissolve a tablespoon of washing powder in 4 liters of water, spray flowers and leaves every two weeks to completely eliminate white flies and bacteria.


(3) milk: mix 4 cups of flour and half cup of milk into 20 liters of water, filter with gauze and spray on the flowers and leaves, which can kill the ticks and their eggs.


(4) beer: pour the beer into a shallow basin under the soil of the flowerpot, and the snail will be drowned if it climbs in.


(5) garlic: mash a big garlic and mix it with a tablespoon of pepper into half a litre of water. After an hour, spray it on the flowers and leaves to prevent rats.


(6) when ants appear in the flowerpot, the butts and cut tobacco can be soaked in hot water for a day or two. When the water turns dark brown, part of the water will be sprinkled on the flower stems and leaves, and the rest will be diluted and poured into the flowerpot, then the ants can be eliminated. How to make soap from waste oil


How to make soap from waste oil After all, there is a huge gap between "cooking" and "chemical matching". As a rigorous technology media platform, if we only tell you that waste oil can make soap, but not how to make it, it's just like playing hooligans. After asking people who have experience in making soap from waste oil and referring to relevant professional materials, we tell you that it is not difficult to make soap from waste oil!


When it comes to the principle of making soap from waste oil, it is actually a very simple reaction equation learned by chemistry: oil and caustic soda are hydrolyzed to sodium fatty acid and glycerin under heating conditions. The former is the soap we use after being processed and formed. The raw materials needed are "waste oil", "water", "caustic soda (sodium hydroxide)", the ratio of which is 3 (m)): 1 (ML): 0.8 (g).


Steps: pour water into stainless steel cup, sodium hydroxide, mix with stainless steel spoon for 5 minutes to make the caustic soda completely soluble in water, then mix while pouring oil, mix for 10 minutes, pour into grinding tool for setting, take out the soap block after 3 days, put it in the ventilation place for 20 days to use. If spices and puffers are added, the effect will be better.


Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) can be purchased in the chemical shop. Pay attention to place it out of children's reach at ordinary times. The proportion of caustic soda and waste oil should be strictly controlled. Excessive caustic soda may lead to high alkalinity and certain corrosiveness of finished soap, while excessive waste oil will affect the washing effect. In addition, one or two spoonfuls of flour or sugar can be added into the raw material mixture to solidify.


Don't throw it! The waste oil of the range hood can also be used in this way: making soap and watering flowers


Soap made from waste oil


I'm sure that you who read this article must be a person with strong hands-on ability. You might as well try or teach your parents how to do it as soon as possible. The soap you make can also be sent to your neighbors to pull up the relationship with them.


Fertilizer for flowers and plants


Waste oil can not only make soap but also be used as fertilizer for flowers and plants. Parents like to raise several pots of flowers and plants on the balcony. If you tell parents that waste oil contains a lot of oil and protein, they can be decomposed into nitrogen fertilizer and microelements, so that flowers and plants can flourish, not to mention how happy they will be.

如果你看过网上用废油养花的教程,例如将废油和水混合,然后挖几个10厘米深、2~4厘米宽的洞,缓缓倒入,就能起到养花的效果。如果你信了!只能说too young too na?ve!

If you have seen the online training course of using waste oil to raise flowers, for example, mixing waste oil and water, then digging several holes 10 cm deep and 2-4 cm wide, and pouring them in slowly, you will have the effect of raising flowers. If you believe it! Too young too na? Ve!


After all, my colleagues have used waste oil to raise flowers, and then the flowers died!!!


It is true that waste oil can provide rich nutrients for flowers and plants, but it needs certain ways and methods. Not all the soil can be filled with waste oil. It is not suitable for use in high temperature and humid and sultry environment. In that environment, diseases and pests are easy to breed, and the whole potted flower will be destroyed if it is serious.

如果土壤含有的微生物较多,富含腐殖质的腐殖土,土壤 有较好的排水性和透气性,这样的土壤就很适合使用废油渣。如果土壤略微板结,而且透水性和排水性不好,油炸倒进去是很难分解的。

If the soil contains more microorganisms, humus rich humus, the soil has better drainage and permeability, such soil is very suitable for the use of waste oil residue. If the soil is slightly hardened and has poor water permeability and drainage, it is difficult to decompose it by frying.


Pay attention to these points when pouring waste oil:


1. Pour less water along the basin edge to avoid flowering and leaves. When pouring, avoid pouring directly into the rhizome. Pour along the edge of the basin, poke several holes near the basin edge, let waste oil flow in along the holes, and avoid waste oil contacting the plant rhizome.


2. How much is suitable for pouring? Potted plants are generally small in size, so the amount of waste oil decomposition is less. A 30 cm pot plant only needs a small spoon of waste oil, which will cause soil hardening.


3. Some words can't be fertilized with waste oil, such as common green roses and jasmine flowers. According to the attempts of many flower friends, these flower styles are very fond of waste oil, such as geranium, Junzi orchid, crab claw orchid, kalanchovies, Chlorophytum and beautiful cherry.


Waste oil is used as fertilizer for flowers and plants. It is important to pay attention to the way and method


The article will come to an end here. In fact, the waste oil from the range hood can not only be used as soap and fertilizer for plants, but also for other purposes.


Just remember these two points. As mentioned in the previous paragraphs of this article, the starting point of this article is written for our parents, or you can tell them that "the waste oil of the range hood can still be used in this way!" after reading it. Because you know so much, they will listen to what you say.


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