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温夏季度高兰花问题多 缓解叶子干尖有妙招



It's a very profound knowledge to raise flowers. Beginners will raise some good ones at the beginning. But with the growing time of flowers, you may want to challenge yourself to raise some beautiful but delicate flowers, such as orchids. Orchid has always been loved by people, everyone loves its integrity and quality, but orchid is not easy to raise. Let's take a look at it with 360 common sense.


Orchids have compact plant shape, tall and straight leaves, and are always green all year round. When they bloom, they send out fragrance bursts, which can make people relaxed and happy. But the temperature in summer is high, which is really very difficult for the cultivation of orchids, especially for the novice who will make them go directly. But as long as we do the following, we can guarantee that the orchids can be used safely for summer, and the flowers will burst.


Water content


In summer, the temperature itself is relatively high, so the evaporation of water is relatively fast. Then we need to increase the frequency of watering for orchids, and keep the soil slightly wet. But when watering, we need to water along the edge of the basin soil, otherwise it will easily rot on the orchids, and we can also spray some water around the orchids to reduce the temperature.




In summer, the light is strong, and it is relatively shade resistant. If it is cultured in a place with strong light, it will burn the leaves, and slowly make the leaves wither and fall off, or even die directly. So in summer, when cultivating orchids, we must shade them. When the light is weak, we can irradiate them properly.




In summer, the temperature is not only high, but also sultry. If it is cultured in a poorly ventilated environment, it will be very harmful to the growth of orchids. So in summer, you can open more windows. When it's very hot, you can use an electric fan to blow it, which can speed up the air circulation.


Apply fertilizer


When the temperature is high in summer, do not apply fertilizer to the root, otherwise it is easy to burn the root system of orchid, which is not worth the loss. You can use 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate to spray wet the leaf surface of orchid, which can also supplement nutrients to orchid. You can also loosen the soil for orchids, so as to avoid root rot.


When many people raise orchids, they often have some problems, especially the leaves are easy to dry, scorch and turn yellow in summer. Today, Xiaohua will tell you about the prevention and control methods of this situation. As long as we do the following, there will be no problem!


I. avoid exposure to the sun


Orchid is more delicate, its quiet and beautiful is people's favorite place, and such appearance doomed it can only be gentle care. So don't expose it to the sun in a strong place, otherwise the plant can't stand it. The first reaction is that the tip of the leaf is dry. In fact, you only need to put it in a cool place at ordinary times, and you can enjoy a little scattered light to maintain normal growth. It's not beautiful if you have more sunlight.


II. Control temperature


Orchids can't bear cold or heat, so if you want to keep them well, you need to keep a certain temperature. In winter, it can't be lower than 10 degrees, or it will be frostbitten if it's too cold. In summer, it can't be higher than 30 degrees, otherwise the temperature is too high, the leaves are easy to dehydrate and become dry and wilt. So don't put it in too hot place in summer. If it's not good, spray water in the air frequently to keep the leaves moist.


III. frequent application of thin fertilizer


Orchids still have a large demand for nutrients. In the process of its growth, it must absorb enough nutrients. Otherwise, not only the growth is slow, but also the leaves will wither. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement fertilizer in time, and some organic fertilizer can be used. But the fertilizer should be applied in a small amount and many times, so that the plant can absorb better and avoid the fertilizer damage caused by too heavy fertility.


IV. reasonable watering


The root system of orchid is the fleshy root with better water storage capacity, so watering should not be too frequent. Every time, it's better to wait until the soil is completely dry before watering. Otherwise, it's easy to accumulate water. In this way, the big white root can't be protected and will be damaged, which will affect the growth of leaves. Therefore, when watering in summer, we must pay attention to maintaining a certain degree of moisture in the soil. Watering is not necessary, but we can often spray water around.


V. disease prevention


In summer, there will be more insect pests. In order to ensure the normal growth of orchids, prevention work is indispensable. You can spray carbendazim every month to kill bacteria, so that some common viruses and pests can be effectively prevented.


In this way, the orchid can maintain its vigorous vitality, and when the weather turns cold, it can produce beautiful and fragrant flowers, isn't it very expected?


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