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厨房剩菜不要扔摇身一变为盆花肥料 简直好用极了



In order to make the flowers grow better, many flower friends usually go to the garden shop to buy some green manure or fertilizer to go home. In fact, Huahua feels that this money can be saved to buy some exotic flowers and plants to decorate the balcony, or buy some gardening tools to save things for her gardening. Let's take a look at it with 360 common sense.


Why? Because of these flower fertilizer, we can make it by ourselves very simple, and we can also turn all kinds of "garbage" in our home into treasure. For example, when we usually cook, the leftover leaves or stems will be thrown away, but in fact, these things are a good raw material for making flower fertilizer.


Today I'll explain this basic step for you. It's very simple~


1, first of all, we have to prepare a plastic foam box, we usually buy seafood or buy vegetables will be accompanied by one, at this time we do not throw away, save it, it does not have great use.


2, look for some common garden soil, then lay it on the bottom of the foam box, and spread it about 3 centimeters. Take out all kinds of vegetable leaves and fruit skins that we collect and store, and also lay a thin layer on the first layer of soil.


Remember, when laying vegetable leaves, you must lay them evenly, not more here and less there, so that the later fermentation will be uneven, and the fermentation results will not be so perfect.


3. After laying the vegetable leaves, we can lay a thin layer of soil on it, about two centimeters thick.


4, and then we lay a layer of vegetable leaves on the top, and move to and fro until the 4/5 height exceeds the depth of the plastic foam box.


5. The soil of the final capping layer should be as thick as possible. It is suggested that the thickness of Huahua should be about 3cm to 4cm.


6. After all the steps of laying soil and leaves are completed, use the watering can at home to pour through the basin soil, so as to ensure that the leaves can integrate with the soil faster.


7, find a plastic film bag, or directly use fresh-keeping film, sealing the opening of the foam box, pay attention to the strict sealing, after the plastic wrap is sealed, use toothpicks to stab a few small holes on the top, which is conducive to the emission of gas.


8. Put the box in the place where the sun is the strongest and hottest. If you have an outdoor balcony, put it on the balcony where the sun is the most, and there should be no other shelter nearby to block the sun. In this way, we can use the flower fertilizer as soon as possible~


9. Open the fresh-keeping film once a week, mix the mixture inside, and mix the vegetable leaves and soil evenly, so that the fermentation is faster.


But Huahua should remind you that if you want to open the plastic film, you must remember to put on a mask first, because its taste may make you feel very uncomfortable.


Because the weather is still very hot now, it can be used in less than a month.


When we use this kind of soil, we can't plant flowers directly, because it has strong fertility, or the fermentation process is not completely over, so we can use this kind of soil to spread about 5cm on the bottom of the basin when we change the basin, so that we can provide our flowers and plants with sufficient fertility.


Have you ever made this kind of vegetable leaf compost? If you have some extra leaves and peel in your house, you can have a try~


Three methods of nutrient soil allocation


1. Self made rotten leaf soil


Leaves, pine needles and weeds are collected in autumn for fermentation. When fermenting, put a layer of leaves first, then a layer of garden soil. After putting several layers repeatedly, water a small amount of sewage, and finally cover the top with a layer of garden soil about 10 cm thick. Spring and summer open and turn, mash, and then pile up. Dig it out in late autumn and use it after further crushing and sieving.


Do not press too tightly to facilitate air penetration and create conditions for aerobic bacterial activity, so as to accelerate the decomposition of accumulation. Do not make the accumulation too wet. If it is too wet, the ventilation is not good. Under the condition of anoxia, a large number of aerophilic bacteria propagate and move, causing serious loss of nutrients and affecting the quality of rotten leaf soil.


2. Vegetable leaf fertilizer


Prepare several pots, pave one inch thick soil layer first, put the broken vegetable leaf peel into another layer of soil, and repeat until the pot is full (to ensure that the last layer must be soil). Get some water and wait for it to ferment. Use it by mixing.


Cover the leaves with a layer of soil to avoid mosquitoes, insects or bad taste.


3. Kitchen waste is fertile


Choose an impermeable container, put a layer of soil into the insecticide, then spread a layer of soil on top of it and put the kitchen garbage into the rice washing water. Sealed fermentation.


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