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烤箱用久出现油渍脏乱 家庭烤箱的清洗方法



Now many families have added oven, it is very convenient to make a special food! But if the oven is used for a long time, some oil stains will appear. Do you know how to clean the oven? Let's follow the 360 common sense website to learn about it!


How to clean the oven?


1. New oven


Just bought the oven, first with 250 degrees air baking for 10 minutes, can remove the taste of the new machine.


2. The oven should be clean with a long flow of water


Especially after making meat food such as roasted chicken legs and wings, roasted spareribs and so on, the smell of oil in the oven will be heavier. If the inner wall, grilled net, grilled plate and chassis of the oven are not cleaned in time, it will be very difficult to remove the heavy oil.


Therefore, after each baking, wait for the temperature in the oven to drop to about 50 ℃ (the temperature is not hot). You can do the cleaning. Cleaning must be carried out in case of power failure and partial cooling.


The temperature in the oven is often as high as 150 ℃ when the work is just finished. It can't be cleaned immediately. On the one hand, it may be scalded. On the other hand, the sudden cooling during cleaning has a negative effect on the maintenance of the internal parts of the oven.


Specific steps for oven cleaning:


Step 1: (it is better to wear gloves) remove the detachable parts inside the oven, such as baking mesh, baking tray and chassis, and then wash them with neutral detergent. Where the oil dirt is particularly heavy, you can use the oil fume cleaning to remove the heavy oil pollution in the kitchen to do the decontamination of key parts.


Step 2: put an old newspaper beside the door of the oven, and use a dry loofah pulp or a small bamboo brush to completely brush out the scorched scraps in the oven.


Step 3: the heating pipe inside the oven must be gently wiped with a dry cloth, and it is not allowed to be wiped with an excessively wet cloth, so as to avoid affecting the insulation of the heating pipe and causing leakage and short circuit. It should be noted that the inside of the oven cannot be washed directly with water except for the detachable parts.


Step 4: if it is found that the heating pipe and the protective net are dirty, it is difficult to clean them with a soft dry cloth, and do not replace them with rough cleaning tools such as steel wire balls and abrasive cleaning balls. In case of steel wire or frosted particles falling into the heating pipe, the barbecue will produce an unpleasant burnt smell, and the whole circuit will be short circuited if it is serious. You can try to wipe it with nylon cloth with strong cleaning power.


Step 5: after cleaning the heating tube, you can start to clean the shell and the inner liner of the oven. Dip the cloth in the diluent of neutral detergent and wring it slightly dry, then wipe the body shell with wet wipe. After cleaning, dip in the diluent once again, wring it slightly dry, wrap it on your hand and stretch it into the oven to wipe off the oil dirt, and finally rinse it with water and dry it, wipe it twice.


Special cleaning of oven and grill:


1. Heavy dirt on the baking tray: the baking tray often has burnt dirt. In fact, as long as various waste cards are used, they can be quickly scraped off.


2. The scorched dirt on the baking mesh can be quickly cleaned by using the friction of tin foil paper. Remember to use the tin foil as a cleaning tool, after rubbing, you can use it to increase the friction of the tin foil.


Tie a rag on the tip of the long chopsticks and fix it with a leather cover. It can be made into a round head cleaning rod for wiping flat surfaces, or a sharp head cleaning rod for wiping edges and corners.


1. Dip in detergent and remove oil stains: wet the round head cleaner with water and dip in detergent, which can be used to wipe the stains on the inner wall of the oven.


2. Wipe the stains on the edges and corners with a pointed cleaning stick: the stains on the four sides and corners of the oven can be cleaned with a pointed cleaning stick according to the previous method.


Skilfully remove the oil flavor of the oven:


The oven that is often used will have a kind of "old oil flavor" or "oil flavor". In order to get rid of this smell, in addition to thoroughly cleaning the food every time after baking, and opening the door to make the oven dry naturally, the following methods can be used to get rid of oil flavor:


First, put a bowl of lemonade or 1:1 white vinegar water in it, open the container and dry it for 10 minutes at a temperature of about 100 ℃. The taste can be removed.


Second, after the baking tray is cooled, pour 50mi warm water and a small amount of detergent into the baking tray, cover the baking tray cover and plug in, adjust the time knob to 10 minutes, and the hot air circulation can automatically clean the dirt in the baking tray. Remove the plug and wait for the pan to cool, then rinse the pan with warm water.


To prevent the smell of oil and reduce the burden of cleaning the oven, it is also very simple: tin foil paper is applied to meat food bags that may fly into hot oil during the baking process, which not only ensures the crispness of the outside but also the tenderness of the inside, and will not make the oven oil stains.


Cleaning method of oven wires:


To quickly clean the wires in the oven, just put nylon gloves on your hands, dip a small amount of toothpaste, rub the wires with your fingers, and then wipe them with a rag.


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