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足浴很享受 足浴盆的选择更重要



For health care, many people will choose to buy foot bathtubs. How to choose all kinds of foot bathtubs in the market? Now follow 360 common sense net to understand!


As a hybrid electric appliance, the foot bath will contact with water directly when it is used, so the safety is a big problem to be considered. Lu Jianguo, deputy chief engineer of China Household Appliances Research Institute, said that at present, there are two ways to heat the bathtub: one is direct heating. The bathtub is heated in water through the electrified electric heating tube and electromagnetic tube. In use, there are problems such as aging or damage of the leakage proof device, which has certain security risks. The second is indirect heating, which uses electric energy to change part of water into steam, and then uses the heat of steam to heat the water in the basin, so as to avoid direct contact between the charged equipment and the water in the basin. In contrast, indirect heating is safer.


Choose foot bath, convenience also have to consider. When the single foot bath is filled with water, it must be lifted together with the main machine, which is heavy, especially inconvenient for the elderly. The split type foot bath can take out the upper basin, and can be cleaned and disinfected separately, which is relatively more convenient; this design can also be equipped with multiple upper basins, which can be replaced, and is more suitable for families with large population.


Foot bath is very enjoyable, but remember to clean it after enjoying, so the problem is, how to clean it? Let's first understand the common structure of the foot bath.


Foot bathtub can be divided into integrated type and split type according to its structure. Integrated type refers to that the water holding equipment of foot bathtub is connected with the main unit, while split type foot bathtub, as its name implies, can be easily taken out of the body, just like an electric rice cooker. In this way, the basin can be taken out and operated separately when the water is filled and drained.


At present, foot baths on the market basically have the functions of disinfection, massage, ozone, magnetic therapy, etc. Lu Jianguo believes that these are not the consideration indicators when purchasing. Because the foot bath is essentially a heated foot wash basin, as long as the proper temperature can be maintained within a certain period of time is enough. Moreover, at present, the state has no clear standard for foot bathtub, and its physiotherapy and other additional functions are mostly the publicity of businesses, with uncertain effect, so it is not necessary to spend more money.


A lot of people have a concept when buying foot bathtub, feel bubble foot should be deeper water is better, had better not reach crus. In order to cater to this kind of psychology, the foot bathtub designed by the manufacturer is deep barrel, and the price is also more expensive than the low barrel. However, no scientific research has confirmed that the deeper the feet, the better. When the feet are soaked, the water is just better than the ankle, so you don't need to pursue the depth deliberately.


On the market, there are a variety of foot bathtubs, so it is suggested to choose a large brand product with good reputation and perfect service.


There are also some safety precautions when using:


1. When starting the machine, make sure that there is water in the tub, and dry burning is strictly prohibited.


2. Pay attention to the moderate water temperature, about 40 ℃.


3. Do not stand in the process of foot bath to avoid cracking and danger.


4. It is forbidden to wipe and clean the can body with alcohol and other chemicals.


5. Do not drag the power line to move the foot bath, so as to avoid damage and leakage of the power line, which may cause accidents.


6. Clean and disinfect regularly. If family members have tinea pedis, it's better to use one basin for one person instead of mixing.


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