食物垃圾会产生温室气体 减少食物浪费的好点子-看世界

食物垃圾会产生温室气体 减少食物浪费的好点子



Food waste can produce greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, and also increase plastic waste. If we throw away less food, the impact on carbon emissions will be just as beneficial to the environment as a quarter less cars on the road. Now follow 360 common sense net to understand!


Here are the food handling guidelines:


1. Bread: 200-400 million pieces are wasted in the UK every year


The Food Standards Agency (FSA) advises people not to eat moldy bread. However, if your bread is dry but not moldy, there are still many ways to cook it, such as making butter pudding.


2. Rice and pasta


The leftovers can still be used, but it is recommended to reheat them only once more. And cooked leftover pasta, eat again is helpful to lose weight. Because cooked and cooled pasta, its starch structure has improved, allowing you to eat fewer calories. So, don't waste the rest of pasta. Reheating or mixing sauce is a good choice.


3. Salad - 40% of bagged salad is thrown away


Fry wilted salad leaves to avoid waste.


4. Tomatoes -- 40000 or 60000 tons wasted by British families every year


Don't eat moldy tomatoes. However, if the tomato just softens, it can still be used to make soup or sauce.


5. Milk - nearly 6 million cups of milk are dumped in the UK every year


If the milk is normally stored in the refrigerator, it can be drunk as long as there is no acid even after the shelf life. But if it's sour, you can't drink it.


6. Cheese - 3.1 million pieces are wasted every year in the UK


The U.S. Department of Agriculture says molds generally don't penetrate hard cheese. Therefore, the harder the cheese, cut off the mold, you can still eat the rest. To increase its storage life, you can freeze hard cheese that you can't eat. After thawing, eat as soon as possible.


Soft cheese is not recommended to eat after moldy, nor frozen.


7. Potatoes - 5.8 million pounds a year wasted in Britain


Potatoes are the second most commonly discarded food in Britain. If they become soft, mushy, wrinkled, cracked, greenish or moldy, stop eating them. But if it's just starting to sprout, don't worry, you can cut it off and eat it when it's done.


8. Root vegetables


Britain throws away nearly 100000 tons of carrots a year. In fact, there is a trick to restore the vitality of carrots: put carrots in a glass of water, and then put them in the refrigerator, they won't shrink so much. Even if it doesn't look perfect, it doesn't affect eating again.


9. Fresh herbs and spices


Minced spices and condiments are difficult to preserve and tend to dry out. However, you can use the endless freezing, such as pepper and ginger, when you need to defrost.


However, the FSA advises people not to eat food that is obviously rotten or moldy. This proposal is particularly important for vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly and pregnant women. Removing mold and the surrounding parts of mold may remove the invisible toxin, but this does not guarantee that the toxin can be completely removed.


A good idea to reduce food waste


Fulfill social responsibility. Catering enterprises should consciously incorporate strict economy into the whole process of catering production, processing and service, save the whole process and reduce kitchen waste; catering waiters should abide by professional ethics and remind consumers to order properly.


Form the habit of saving. We should publicize the consumption concept of saving glory and wasting shame to consumers, abandon the bad habit of good face and showing off, and reduce the waste of banquet and buffet.


Scientific and civilized dining. Reasonably adjust the quantity and quantity of dishes, promote the separate meal system, actively provide small dishes and half dishes, guide consumers to take the initiative to pack, so as to advocate "CD-ROM action".


Set up the new trend of the industry. As an important task for the normal development of the catering industry, we will make the consumption concept of "cherish food, pack surplus and eliminate waste" deeply rooted in the people's mind.


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