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低碳环保我先行 办公室的节能妙法小常识



Now in the company, most of the office equipment is power consumption equipment. If you don't pay attention to the use, in the long run, it will not only waste power, but also easily cause loss to the equipment. So how to save energy in the office? Take a look with 360 common sense.


Use of paper


1. Use e-mail instead of paper documents.


2. The briefcase can be reused for many times, and each department shall recycle the reusable briefcase.


3. In the office, if the multi-layer file cells marked with "receive" and "send" are used, one more cell will be used to mark "recycle" and everyone is encouraged to leave the paper.


4. The duplexing and printing paper shall be double-sided and single-sided, and the blank surface can be used for photocopying or cutting as note paper or draft paper.


5. Set up a paper recycling box to place reusable paper according to different sizes, with the usable side facing the same direction for others to use.


6. Use more recycled paper, official document paper, business card and printed matter, and try to use recycled paper to reduce environmental pollution.


7. Set waste paper recycling box to recycle paper, but do not mix carbon paper, wax paper, plastic, etc., and do not mix staples and other metals.


8. Wipe sweat and hands with handkerchief to reduce waste of toilet paper and facial paper. Use rags as much as possible.


9. Try to use small font for all documents.


Use of other items


1. Use more paper clips and staples, and less solvent products containing benzene, such as glue and correction solution.


2. Do not use disposable articles, such as original pens and pens with replaceable refills.


3. The battery shall be recycled, and extrusion damage shall be avoided during recycling.


Use after repair

坏了的设备可以修复后再使用,减少资源浪费,也省了钱。比 如:空调、计算机器材、传真机、复印机、办公桌椅等。

The broken equipment can be repaired and reused, reducing resource waste and saving money. For example: air conditioning, computer equipment, fax machines, copiers, office tables and chairs, etc.


Energy saving and environmental protection

选用有节能环保标志的产品,拒绝使用不符合办公室节能环保 理念的用品。

Choose products with signs of energy conservation and environmental protection, and refuse to use supplies that do not conform to the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection in the office.


Water saving


1. In case of water leakage of faucet, water pipe and toilet, any employee shall inform the comprehensive department in time.


2. Do not turn on the tap when washing hands.


Save power resources


1. Turn off the light source and air conditioner in the conference room without people.


2. Avoid using one socket at the same time for high power consumption appliances such as refrigerator, microwave oven, oven, copier, etc.


3. Try to take more stairs and less elevators.


4. The lamps and lanterns shall be cleaned every half a year, and the pipelines shall be maintained regularly.


5. The air conditioner should be controlled at the indoor and outdoor temperature difference of 5 ℃.


6. Don't forget to turn off the power after work. It has been reported that the standby power consumption of computer monitors and printers is about 5 watts. If you do not turn off the power switch after work, you will stand by for at least 10 hours a night, which will cause 36.5 degrees of power consumption throughout the year.


Energy saving method


1. Use thermal insulation materials. 36% of the world's energy is consumed by heating and cooling houses. The "zero energy consumption housing" model houses built in Switzerland and Germany show that the potential for energy conservation is incalculable when new materials and methods are used for heating and cooling.


2. Replace the bulb. 20% of the world's electricity is consumed by lighting, 40% of which is consumed by old incandescent bulbs. Under the same light emission, the energy-saving fluorescent lamp not only saves 75% to 80% power than incandescent lamp, but also has a service life of 10 times as long as incandescent lamp.


3. Improve the domestic heat exchanger. The energy efficiency of water heaters, heaters and air conditioners is actually poor. Only a part of the energy consumed by these heat exchangers is actually used to regulate the temperature. Heat pumps will change that. The heat pump can use the heat or geothermal energy in the outdoor air to heat or cool the building, hardly using the traditional energy.


4. Transform the energy consumption equipment of the plant. About one third of the world's energy is consumed by the industrial sector, which has great potential for energy conservation. For example, since the 1980s, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Corporation of Japan has used the waste heat of steel-making furnace to generate electricity, saving more than 70% of energy.


5. Driving environment-friendly and energy-saving vehicles. One quarter of the world's energy is used for transportation, including two-thirds of the oil produced each year. Some energy-saving measures in the field of transportation don't cost money at all. For example, keeping tires inflated properly can improve energy efficiency by 6%. In addition, environmental protection vehicles such as hybrid electric vehicles can drive 20% more mileage than traditional vehicles under the same gasoline consumption.


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