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家庭购买电热水壶的选择 电水壶使用小窍门



Since the development of electric kettle, in addition to continuous improvement in function, it has also been constantly improving in appearance, from the former round flat, in the cylindrical appearance, to the column type appearance, from the ordinary stainless steel to the wire drawing material, as well as the plastic material. The beautiful appearance of electric kettle is also decorating our. Now follow 360 common sense network to learn about the selection of electric kettle and the four unique skills of descaling.


Shop electric kettle Guide


1. Look at the material. Although the plastic water bottle has no problem in theory. But water will have a smell after long-term storage in it, and there are many additives in plastic, to some extent, there is no stainless steel safety.


2. According to their own situation and actual needs, generally 2-3 people's families can choose 1, 2L ~ 1, 5L electric kettle; 4-5 people can choose 1, 8L ~ 2, 0l electric kettle.


3. Carefully check the product logo and description, as well as the product performance and parameters, such as enterprise name, address, specification (such as capacity), model, trademark, voltage parameter, power parameter, power nature, etc.; there should be warning words to prevent misuse, and there should be detailed use methods, etc.


4. Look at the appearance of the electric kettle. The products with thick plastic or stainless steel shell and smooth, bright and beautiful appearance will have better quality. On the contrary, if the plastic parts are obviously rough and uneven, and there is sound inside when shaking, it may be products with poor technology and poor quality. In addition, the electric kettle is an electric appliance for water injection. When purchasing, special attention should be paid to its sealing condition to see whether there is leakage. If it is an electric kettle with a heating tube exposed inside, pay attention to whether the heater and the body are firmly installed when purchasing.


5. Choose and buy the heat preservation electric kettle and fast electric kettle with temperature control function. Some new electric kettles generally have temperature control function, which will automatically cut off power after the water is boiled, which can effectively prevent dry burning caused by unattended and avoid various accidents.


6. When purchasing electric kettle, you can add appropriate amount of water and power on for trial firing. Some products with high nominal power get hot quickly, so consumers need to pay attention to whether the electricity consumption at home can meet the requirements. The product with temperature control function shall automatically cut off the power after the water is boiled, and consumers can choose according to their needs.


7. When purchasing electric kettle, consumers must check whether the electric kettle purchased by Qingqing has "CCC" certification mark.


8. When purchasing electric kettle, you should listen to the public praise of users around you. Electric kettle, a small household appliance product with low technology content, does not have to be superstitious about some big brands. Although the appearance quality inspection of big brands is relatively strict, big brands have high advertising investment, and the corresponding product price will be higher.


9. For the elderly and children, it is recommended to use insulated electric kettle. This kind of water bottle has a special anti scalding and anti pouring overflow design to protect the elderly and children.


Four unique techniques of removing scale with electric kettle


How to remove scale? Based on years of product research and development experience, this paper introduces several common and effective ways to remove scale:


I. scale removal by vinegar

这个方法是最简单也是最实用的方法,大家都知道水垢的主要成分是碳酸钙等碳酸盐,醋里面的醋酸会与其发生反应,产生溶于水的物质矿物质和二氧化碳气体,一般超市都能买到白醋,放入水壶刻度的10%的白醋, 然后加满水,烧开放置一小时左右,然后刷洗就可以了,陈醋也可以,但陈醋的效果没有白醋的好。

This method is the simplest and most practical one. We all know that the main component of scale is carbonate such as calcium carbonate. The acetic acid in vinegar will react with it to produce substances, minerals and carbon dioxide gas soluble in water. Generally, white vinegar can be bought in supermarkets. Put 10% of the white vinegar on the scale of the kettle, then fill it with water, boil it for about an hour, and then brush it So, vinegar can also be used, but the effect of vinegar is not as good as white vinegar.


II. Scale removal by boiling taro in electric kettle


In xinnei, put more than half a kettle of taro, fill it with water, boil the taro, and then boil the water, there will be no water and dirt. But we should pay attention to the inner wall of the pot after cooking, do not scrub, otherwise it will lose the function of descaling. For the old kettle which is full of scale, after boiling it for one or two times with the above method, not only the original scale will gradually fall off, but also it can prevent the scale from accumulating again.


III. descaling with baking soda


Generally, the heating plate of electric kettle is made of aluminum. When the electric kettle is boiling water, it is easy to form scale. Generally, we can put 1 teaspoon of baking soda and boil it for a few minutes to remove the scale. Or you can pour about 500g of 1% sodium bicarbonate water, shake it gently, and the scale can be removed.


IV. boiled eggs to remove scale


The common electric kettle is hard and hard to remove after a long time. If you boil the eggs twice with it, you will get the ideal effect. Break the two eggshells a little, put them into the bottle, then put them into half pot of water, mix them with a blender or spoon, then boil them, place them for about half an hour, pour out the eggshells, and then rinse them twice with water.


Tips for using electric kettle


Electric kettles are mostly heated by heating chassis. The electric heating chassis is welded with the pot bottom. One side of the bottom of the pot is located in the pot, while the heating chassis and its conductive terminals are located outside the pot. The inside and outside of the pot are mostly connected by bolts. The sealing and leakage are realized by the rubber ring between the electric heating pipe and the pot. Although the sealing rubber ring has the high temperature resistance of over 100 ℃, the rubber ring will still lose its elasticity due to the high temperature state of the electric kettle and the long-term use, resulting in the leakage of the water inside the kettle, causing various faults such as carbonization of the bakelite socket of the electric kettle, short circuit, metal melting of the kettle body, fuse fusing, etc. The user shall carefully check whether there is leakage around the bakelite socket before power on after each water injection. When the fastening bolt of the power wire is loose, the bolt pressing rubber ring shall be tightened in time to prevent leakage; when the sealing rubber ring loses elasticity due to aging, the new high temperature resistant sealing rubber ring shall be replaced immediately to ensure safe use.


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