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冰箱是家中的耗电大户 冰箱节能省电妙招



Refrigerator works continuously for a long time. It is a big power consumer at home! Today's 360 common sense website will tell you how to choose a refrigerator with high energy efficiency and how to make it more energy-saving.


Tips for purchasing energy-saving refrigerators:


1. The lower the energy consumption, the more energy saving. The energy label of refrigerator is based on its energy efficiency. The lower the energy consumption is, the higher the energy efficiency is, the more money is saved.


2. Purchase a suitable refrigerator. Choose a refrigerator that suits your needs. For example, a small family needs only one refrigerator. Because the price of the small refrigerator is lower, and it also saves power. In addition, you can know the power consumption of refrigerators from the energy label. The lower the number of kilowatt hours (KWH), the more economical the operation cost of refrigerators.


3. The door of refrigeration and freezer is separated, and the smaller freezer will save electricity. There are many different types of single door to multi door refrigerators on the market, which can be considered according to their own habits, living area, etc.


Tips for using refrigerator:


1. Properly store food


Keep the refrigerator "always full" and reduce the air to cool, so as to improve the efficiency of energy saving. However, if the refrigerator is full of excessive food, it will block the air circulation, resulting in the refrigerator not to refrigerate. On the contrary, it is not good to store too little food. As the heat capacity becomes smaller, the start-up and stop time of the compressor is shortened, resulting in an increase in the cumulative power consumption of the refrigerator.


There should be a gap between the stored food so that the air-conditioning convection and the temperature are uniform. The use of small packaging can reduce the cooling time, save power, and facilitate access.


The liquid food in the refrigerator, such as soup or drink, must be covered, and the food also needs to be sealed with a fresh-keeping box or paper, which can not only keep the food from drying and eating due to the loss of water, but also cause the moisture emission, which will also cause the compressor of the refrigerator to work harder.


2. Knowledge of placing objects


Just bought meat and fish, because the temperature is high, if directly put into the freezer will affect the original temperature in the refrigerator, increase the load of the refrigerator compressor, so you can first put into the freezer to cool down, and then put into the freezer.


The food in the freezer can be packed in plastic bags or plastic film to avoid dryness on the one hand and frost formation on the other hand. If the frost on the freezer is too thick, the cooling effect will be weakened and the power will be consumed.


Ice and cold drinks are best made in the evening. Because the temperature at night is low, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of the condenser, and there is less open freezer at night to store and store food, the working time of the compressor is shorter, and the electric energy is saved.


If the pot with residual heat is put into the refrigerator immediately, it will also affect the original temperature in the refrigerator and increase the number of compressor operation. It is suggested to put the hot pot into the water tank first, then put it into the refrigerator.


Pay attention to the capacity of the refrigerator. It is better not to place more than 80% of the contents. And most importantly, do not block the air outlet of the refrigerator when placing, so as not to consume unnecessary power. In addition, the square packaging of food is not to be filled, to ensure that food should leave a certain gap between each other, in order to facilitate the circulation of cold air in the refrigerator.


3. Proper maintenance of refrigerator


Proper maintenance can extend the life of the refrigerator.


- regularly clean the dust on the ventilation grid at the back of the refrigerator. The ventilation grid is clean and the air is circulating, so the compressor can operate smoothly.


- regular defrosting. If the thickness of frost in the freezer is more than 4 to 6 mm, it will reduce the efficiency of energy saving and lead to waste of money. For refrigerators without intelligent frost function, because the heat transfer of frost layer is slower than that of metal, it will hinder the refrigeration effect of evaporator and increase the power consumption. Therefore, the refrigerator without automatic defrosting should be defrosted manually in time when the frost thickness on the evaporator exceeds 4 to 6 mm.


- make sure the refrigerator doesn't "leak" through the door. If cold air is emitted from the refrigerator, the compressor should double its work. How to know "air leakage" of refrigerator? Just clip a bill between the door and the refrigerator gap. If the bill falls off quickly, it means that the adhesive tape of the refrigerator door is loose and needs to be replaced.


4. Correct temperature of refrigerator


The temperature of the refrigerator and freezer should not be too cold. The temperature of the refrigerator should be kept between 2.7 and 4.5 ℃, and that of the freezer should be - 15 ℃.


Before eating, frozen food should be put into the freezer in advance to melt, so as to reduce the temperature of the freezer and save electric energy. Hot food should be cooled to room temperature before being put into the refrigerator, so as to avoid the rapid rise of temperature in the refrigerator, and increase the frosting thickness on the surface of the evaporator, resulting in the increase of compressor working time and power consumption.


In addition, when storing and storing food, try to reduce the number and time of opening the door. Because the cold air disperses after opening the primary door, the compressor will have to run for dozens of minutes more to recover the refrigeration temperature.


5. The right place to put the refrigerator


The place where the refrigerator is placed is often limited by the electric plug and water pipe. In order to operate more effectively, it is necessary to ensure that the place to be installed is air circulation. If the refrigerator is placed between cabinets, make sure that the air flow in the location is unobstructed.


Refrigerators should not be placed near windows, stoves or electric stoves. The direct sunlight and the heat of the stove will cause the refrigerator to consume more energy to cool. It's best to put it in the "coldest" corner of the kitchen.


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