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A brief introduction of emperor Guiyou in Yuan Dynasty


Baoerjinguiyou (April 1206-1248), the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, is a Khan of the Mongol Empire, known as "guiyouhan". The first son of Emperor Taizong of the Yuan Dynasty. He was born in the first year of Taizu (1206), and died in the third year of Guiyou Khan (1248) in dingzong of Yuan Dynasty. He was in office from August 24, 1246 to April 1248. At the age of 43, Ma Zhen is the mother queen. In his early years, he took part in the expedition of the Jin Dynasty and captured his prince. He once marched West with Badu to Europe. In 1246, he ascended the throne, and in 1247, Tubo was attached to the Mongol Empire. In October of the third year of the Zhiyuan Dynasty (1266), the Taimiao was built, and the title of the temple was established. The emperor Shizu of the Yuan Dynasty pursued the title of the temple, and the title of the temple was Jianping. In November of the 8th year of Zhiyuan (1271), Kublai Khan changed the state name "great Mongolia" to "Great Yuan".

Life experience

Early experience

Born on August 24, 1246 (July 12, 1246), Bo erqijin, Guiyou, was named Khan. He was 41 years old. He died in April, 1248 (March, 1248). Although he was in office for two years, he was resolute and resolute in his work. He killed the Wizards from the western regions first, because he supported the people and framed the loyalty and good by virtue of the power of his mother, Queen Mazhen The first decision after the establishment of the patriarchal regime was to eliminate him as an example. In addition, the government of Zhenhai, an important official of the previous dynasty, was put to use. According to the memory of missionaries from England and Italy, Guiyou Khan was serious and did not laugh. In addition, Guiyou Khan announced the western expedition again, determined to restore the majesty of his father and send troops to conquer Tubo.

Guiyou once followed the kings to attack the Jin Dynasty. In the western expedition, we also made great achievements. At the time of Emperor Taizong's death, he set up the emperor's grandson, Shi liemen, as his heir. His mother, Ma Zhen, did not follow him, so he called it made in Helin. In history, it was called "made by Ma Zhen". In July 1246 A.D., the Mazhen family gathered all the kings and worshipped your cause as the Great Khan. Guiyou was 41 years old at the time of his accession, but his mother, Ma Zhenshi, and Jingjin Zhenhai at the right of Zhongshu, were still in power. All the political orders were in disorder. In 1235 A.D., wokuotai decided to invade the khanate, Russia and other countries that had not been conquered. He ordered his second son, Badu, to march in the army. You were sent by the army. At the same time, Guiyou and his cousin used their troops in the Caucasus mountains, with outstanding achievements. At the end of 1241 A.D., before wokuotai died, he ordered GUI to return to Mongolia from his class teacher. Guiyou was on his way, and wokuotai was ill and died. The grandson of wokuotai, Shi liemen (one is the youngest son of wokuotai), was unable to manage state affairs because he was young, so the surname of Ma Zhen made his name in the spring of 1242 ad.

The real name system of the horse

This is the reason why the Mazhen family should be called. The relationship between wokuotai and Guiyou, the eldest son of wokuotai, was not very harmonious, so he did not want Guiyou to succeed him. And the most favorite of wokuotai is Kuo, your third brother, and let him succeed. However, Kuo Chu died in 1236 when he invaded the Song Dynasty. Wokuo Tai was very sad. He wanted Kuo Chu's eldest son to lose liemen as his successor. As soon as wokuotai died, Ma Zhen's tuolego took sides with you and decided to wait for you to come back and take the position of Khan. At this time, Genghis Khan's young brother, dau Chijin, wanted to seize the position of Khan, so he led his troops to the capital. Ma Zhenshi immediately sent his emissary to interrogate him. He had to lead his troops back to the camp. According to the Mongolian custom, the successor of the Khan's throne must be elected and decided by huletai (the general assembly of the kings). Then the emperor and his generals were summoned to join the election of the new Khan in huletai, the capital city and the forest. At that time, among the kings and nobles, the commander-in-chief of the western expedition had the highest prestige, but he did not agree with Guiyou, so he opposed Guiyou as the Khan, refused to attend the meeting because of illness, so that huletai could not be held as scheduled, so he had to be Regent of the Mazhen family. In the autumn of 1246 ad, Badu sent his younger brother bieergo to attend the huletai Conference on his behalf. As a result of the efforts of Ma Zhen, an agreement was reached at the conference to recommend GUI you as the new Khan.

After naimazhen's name system, the merchants orduraheman and Persian witch Fatima got the favor letter, and she asked them to draw up their own decrees for implementation. However, the exclusion of the implementation of "Han law" resulted in the corruption of the internal affairs, the disorder of the legal system and the lack of the people's strength. It was the two Huaihe and other places that had sent troops to attack during the period of Mazhen's name system.

Khan on the throne and his achievements

Shortly after GUI you ascended the throne, Ma Zhen died. Guiyou began to straighten out the government. First of all, he ordered his younger brother Mongo (son) and Daur Erda (son of shuchi) to investigate the plot of dau Chijin for the Khan position, and killed him and some of his officials; second, Guiyou killed his mother's beloved ordura human, and sank Fatima, the witch, into the water; and he began to use the officials dismissed by his mother.

The inner part of the great Mongol Empire is also increasingly sharp and prominent. After your accession to the throne, you intervened in the internal affairs of the Chagatai family. Chagatai was originally sealed by Genghis Khan in Central Asia (Chagatai Khanate). At the end of Chagatai's death, he said that the land was inherited by his eldest grandson, halashuli, and also recognized by wokuotai. However, the son of Chagatai, yasumongo, was closely related to Guiyou, so he forced halashuli to give way to yasumongo after Guiyou came to power. This caused the dissatisfaction of halashuli. At the same time, Guiyou and his cousin Badu did not agree as early as in the western expedition. Later, Badu objected to Guiyou's position as the successor of the Great Khan, so they formed a feud. In the autumn of 1247 A.D., you appointed Ye Lizhi Dai as the commander of the Western army. He led his troops westward and governed the Persian region. He took the opportunity to fight against Badu. In the spring of the next year, Guiyou took the bad climate of the capital and the forest, and the soil and water of yemili were altruistic for disease cultivation as an excuse to lead the army to leave the forest and move westward. At this time, the wife of Tuolei instigates Lu and TiNi to find out that you have done so, and secretly informs Batu. When Batu is informed, the whole army is ready for war. In March 1248 A.D., Guiyou died suddenly on the way to the east of yemili (southeast of Qinghe River in Xinjiang) (i.e., Guiyou had arrived at Hengxiang Yi'er on the Bank of yemir river with pleasant climate, and lived there. Soon, he died of hand foot spasm in the area), thus avoiding a fight within the royal family.

He gave orders to open the treasuries and to reward the kings, nobles and ministers with gold and silver. Spend 70000 ingots at a time, in order to squander, trying to spread his reputation beyond his father. But in fact, his performance is far less than that of his father and grandfather.

Guiyou was addicted to wine and lust after taking office, which made him weaker and weaker. During his two years of rule, he was often unable to take care of the government affairs in person due to illness, so he had to entrust important matters to Lin Chen, his close friend, Zhenhai, and he replied to the ruling. Therefore, at that time, the increasingly decaying situation of "different laws, internal and external centrifugation" had not been changed. Guiyou has three sons. He agreed with the kings and the nobles before his death that the throne should be inherited by his descendants after his death. However, after his death, the kings and the nobles did not follow his words. On the contrary, at the proposal of Badu, Mongo, the son of Tuolei, ascended the throne.

At that time, the kings exploited one side of the country and the people. The stability created in the early days of the Mongol Empire was destroyed. In March 1248 ad, when the emperor died, Queen Hai lost her way and wanted to set up the lost liemen to listen to the government. Many princes opposed it, and there were many disputes and lawsuits in the dynasty, even three years without a king. The country was in chaos. He died and was buried in the valley of chariot. The posthumous title is emperor Jianping of dingzong.

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