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The third emperor of the Yuan Dynasty


The third place is the Khan of Mongol Empire, whose name is qulv Khan. He was the eldest son of the second son, Zhenjin, and the second son, talamabhala. He unified the north side of the army, made many achievements in war, and sealed the king of Huaining. In the eleventh year (1307), tiemule died of illness and his position was in vain. Most of the Haishan people went back to mourning, and they were held as emperor, and their father was named Yuan Shun Zong. After assuming the throne, he changed the Minister of Chengzong and made his younger brother Aiyu, Li Baili, Bada the crown prince. During the four years (1307-1311) of the reign of emperor Wuzong of the Yuan Dynasty, the internal situation of China was eased, the rule of the Yuan Dynasty was stable and smooth, the national singing and dancing were even, the national strength was strong, and he was a Ming emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. The temple is called Wuzong, the posthumous title is Renhui xuanxiao emperor.


Tiemule died of illness in the first month of 1307 ad, because Prince Deshou, the only son of yuan Chengzong, died in December 1305, and Bao erqijin and Hai Shanyuan succeeded to the throne. After the palace coup, Hai Shan succeeded to the throne in the fifth month of the lunar calendar in 1307, and changed to the grand yuan the following year. That is, yuanwuzong.

In a court struggle in 1307, Chinese civilization faced a great danger. Ananda, the grandson of the emperor Shizu of the Yuan Dynasty, preferred Islam. He is familiar with the Koran and is good at Arabic. He is the chief of Ningxia (Daru Huachi) and a passionate preacher of Islam within his sphere of influence. His father, yuan Chengzong, once imprisoned him in order to convert him to Buddhism. When yuan Chengzong died, Ananda attempted to seize the throne, but his nephew Haishan won the throne and executed him. The Chinese civilization has avoided the possibility of a very thorough change.

For four years (1307-1311), Emperor Wuzong of the Yuan Dynasty was not a long time, but the internal contradictions in China were eased, the rule of the Yuan Dynasty was stable and smooth, the national singing and dancing were even, the national strength was strong, and he was a Ming emperor of the Yuan Dynasty.

Wuzong was the eldest son of the second son of Kublai Khan, the crown prince, the second son of Zhenjin, and the eldest son of talamabhala. He unified the army in the north and made many contributions to the war and granted the title of King Huaining. In the eleventh year (1307), tiemule died of illness and his position was in vain. The empress of Chengzong, Bo Yaozhen, ordered Ananda, king of Anxi, to answer the questions. Most of his younger brother, aiyulibalibada, conspired with the right prime minister, halahasun, to establish Haishan as the emperor of Yuanwu sect and to pursue his father as Yuanshun sect. After assuming the throne, he changed the Minister of Chengzong and made his younger brother Aiyu, Li Baili, Bada the crown prince.

After only four years in office, he built the central city, sent thousands of soldiers and a large number of migrant workers to build the Wutai Mountain huafo temple, and ordered the lamas to translate the Buddhist scriptures. He ordered all those who beat the Western monks to cut off their hands, and those who scolded the Western monks to cut off their tongues. In September of the second year of the University (1309), in order to get rid of the financial crisis, the Zhiyuan banknote was printed and distributed to the big bank note, which led to a great depreciation of the Zhiyuan banknote, which was divided into 13 grades from 2% to 2.2, and regular positions were set up in various roads, governments, prefectures and counties to stabilize prices. Xuanchi and human rights utilization of Zhongshu province are classified as Shangshu province. On the eighth day of the first month of the fourth year of the year (1311), he died in Yude hall due to his heavy and excessive drinking. It was buried in niangu, Wuzong temple, Renhui xuanxiao emperor in Han and K ü L ü GQA γ an in Mongolian. In the early spring of the same year, his younger brother Aiyu, Li Baili Bada, took the throne as crown prince and abolished all new policies.

An overview of life

Wuzong bo'erjinhaishan (1281-1311 A.D.), the seventh emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, the great grandson of Emperor Kublai Khan, became nephew Timur. His father, Tala mabala, and his mother, Hong Jila, the emperor of Xingsheng, were the descendants. In the first month of 1307 A.D., Timur was succeeded by him after he died of childlessness. In the second year, he was renamed "Zhida". He reigned for 5 years from 1307 to 1311 A.D.

Haishan is the eldest son of tatsuma. Kublai Khan once made his second son, Zhenjin, Prince. Zhenjin died in 1285 A.D. and he left behind three sons, gamala, talamabhala and Timur. Kublai Khan liked them very much. At last, he decided to establish Timur as the "grandson of the emperor". Kamala was successively named king of Liang and king of Jin. He led the army to guard the north side of the country and had a strong army. Talamabhala has been staying with Zhenjin and Kublai Khan. In 1291 (the 28th year of Zhiyuan), Gong Wu was ordered to leave huaizhou (now Qinyang, Henan Province). Before he arrived, he fell ill and returned to Beijing. He died the following spring.

In 1299 A.D., because the original king of Ning yuan, who was guarding Mobei, was slack when he was preparing for the border, Cheng Zong tiemur ordered his nephew Haishan to replace him. In 1304 A.D., Haishan was conferred king of Huaining with gold seal and 65000 households in Ruizhou. When Chengzong died, he was stationed in Qinghai. Haishan's outstanding military skills and excellent members laid the foundation for her to fight for the throne.

According to the old system of the Yuan Dynasty, when the throne was empty, empress Braham of the central palace temporarily took charge of the Regent. She summoned her relatives and ministers to hold a meeting of curiertai to elect a new king. Braham and left Prime Minister akutai are going to support Ananda, the younger cousin of Timur, because he is the oldest of the descendants of Kublai Khan. However, aiyulibalibada, the second son of the second brother of Chengzong, and his mother, DAA, returned to the capital (Dadu) in the name of mourning on March 21. They took the lead in leading the guards to break into the inner court and arrest Prime Minister Zuo Hutai and King Ananda of Anxi, and killed them all for the crime of "disordering the ancestral clan system". At this time, Kuo Kuo Chu and other kings urged him to love Yu Li Ba Li Bada as the emperor, but he considered that his brother Haishan had a heavy army, so he first took control of the power in the name of supervising the country, and sent envoys to meet Haishan in the north of the jade seal.

In March 1307 ad, Haishan led 30000 elite soldiers to Helin (now called Erdeni Zhaonan). In May, the supreme capital was abolished as empress Braham and died. His younger brother, Aiyu, Liba, Bada, was appointed "crown prince". After Haishan ascended the throne, he ordered those who had saved their pensions for garrison and those who had served for heavy counties and prefectures to be exempted from three-year duties in Dadu, Shangdu and Longxing; from one-year duties in Yunnan, Bafan, Tianyang and other places; and from three years for those who fled to return to work. And allow folk smelting iron, so as to restore and develop production. In the affected areas, it was decided to stop collecting taxes on mountains and lakes and let the poor take them on the spot. We should encourage the establishment of schools and exempt the Confucian household from the service.

In order to consolidate his rule, Haishan appointed a large number of his own confidants to hold the key position, and changed all the ministers of culture and military in the old Dynasty, which was the implementation of the measure of "one emperor, one courtier". He wanted to follow the Han system and respect Confucianism and Taoism. He sent envoys to the palace to sacrifice in the prison of ether, and added the name of "Dacheng the most holy king of culture and propaganda" to give amnesty to those who obey Confucianism all over the country. Because of his respect for Confucianism, inside and outside the palace, he learned scriptures. Haishan's personality is easy to like and angry, so he sometimes shows leniency, sometimes cool and cruel. He indulged in pleasure, extravagance and extravagance. He lavished as much money as the land and rewarded the kings and clans. Another large-scale construction, construction of the capital city, resulting in financial difficulties. In order to get rid of the financial crisis, it began to issue "Zhida banknotes", which led to the depreciation of Zhiyuan banknotes. Soon, the law of copper money was issued to order the whole world to use copper money in parallel with the largest bank notes, and to issue paper notes indiscriminately. In this way, the fiscal deficit became more serious, prices rose, and the people suffered greatly.

Although there are many imperial concubines in Haishan, it is very late to set up the queen. In 1310 A.D. (the third year of the University), Zhenge of Hongjila was granted the post, and the empress of Zhenge was also granted to Shili, the younger sister of Zhenge. Among the concubines of Haishan, the family of Qi lie gave birth to heshiqiong (later mingzong); the family of Tang Wu gave birth to tuti sui'er (later Wenzong). Sanbaonu once persuaded Wuzong to set up his son as Prince again, but because of Kangli's opposition, the right prime minister, he maintained the status quo.

Haishan is very respectful to the West monks and builds Xingsheng palace. Monks are often asked to pray for blessings. He also sent 1500 soldiers and a large number of migrant workers to build Wutaishan Buddhist temple, and his younger brother Aiyu libalibada (crown prince) presided over the construction of Buddhist temple in the south of metropolis. Ask the Lama to translate the Sutra. He issued an imperial edict to all the people who beat the Western monk to cut off his hands and scolded him to cut off his tongue, which led to the Western monk's misdemeanor, which became a major disaster at that time. A little Li bonning, who was once again a villain, became the eunuch of the Yuan Dynasty. He was flattered and even named as the great minister and prime minister.

Haishan dotes on all the concubines. Because she is addicted to obscenity and excessive drinking, she is seriously ill. On the new year's day of 1311 ad, Haishan fell ill. Seven days later, he died in Yude Hall of Dadu Palace on the Gengchen day. At the age of 31, he was buried in the chariot valley where his ancestors rested. In May, all the officials in civil and military affairs first posted their posthumous titles to Emperor Renhui xuanxiao, whose temple was called Wuzong, which was called qulv Khan in Mongolian.

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