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Brief introduction of sun tiemur, Emperor Ding of Yuantai


Yuan (1276-1328), also sun tiemu'er, the eldest son of Xianzong and the grandson of Yuzong. In 1323, he became emperor Tai Ding for 5 years. His name was sun tiemur, the first grandson of Prince Zhenjin of the Yuan Dynasty, and his father was Gan mala. He was crowned emperor in 1323. The reform achievements of Ren and Britain are basically preserved. He died in 1328 at the age of 53.

Personal profile

Emperor TAIDING (November 28, 1293 to August 15, 1328) was the sixth emperor. His reign time was 5 years from October 4, 1323 to August 15, 1328.

As for the year of the birth of emperor TAIDING, there are different opinions in the history of the Yuan Dynasty. In the history of the Yuan Dynasty, the first emperor TAIDING said, "the emperor was born in Jindi on October 29, the 13th year of the Zhiyuan Dynasty." The 13th year of Zhiyuan is 1276, but in the second year of emperor TAIDING in the history of the Yuan Dynasty, it is said that "gengyu, the emperor died, and shou36". According to this statement, he should have been born in 1293 (the 30th year of Zhiyuan). It is possible that the author mistakenly wrote "30" as "13". Emperor TAIDING was "born in Jindi". In 1292, ganmala was named king of Jin. In 1328, his eldest son, askiba, was only 8 years old. Therefore, Emperor TAIDING should have been born in 1293. (according to the Cambridge History of Xia, Jin and Yuan Dynasties in western Liaoning, China, "the 13th year of Zhiyuan" recorded in the history of Yuan Dynasty should be the mistake of "the 30th year of Zhiyuan" (1293). There are three reasons: first, Gan Mala, sun tiemur's father, was born in 1263 (the history of Yuan Dynasty, Vol. 115, P. 2893). It is impossible for him to have a son at the age of 13. Second, sun tiemur was born in "Jin Di" (Yuan Shi, Vol. 29, P. 637), and ganmala was granted king of Jin in 1292. Thirdly, sun tiemur called Haishan and Aiyu libalibada "brother" in the imperial edict (Yuan Shi, Vol. 29, P. 638). In an imperial edict to ascend the throne of tutimeur, son of Haishan, sun tiemur was also called "Uncle" Yuan Shi, Vol. 32, P. 709). Haishan was born in 1281, Aiyu libalibada was born in 1285, and sun tiemuer, as their younger brother, could not have been born in 1276. He should have been born in 1293, died in 1328, aged 35)

His father, gamala, was the eldest son of Prince Zhenjin of the emperor Shizu of the Yuan Dynasty. In 1292, he was granted the title of king of Jin and left the town of Mobei grassland. In 1302, after the death of gamala, sun tiemu'er took over the throne of Jin.

In March 1323, sun tiemuer's close relatives informed him that Yingzong would be harmful to him. On August 2 of the same year, sun tiemur got the news that Yingzong would be assassinated and he would be accepted as emperor. After Yingzong was stabbed, sun tiemur was indeed appointed emperor. On the fourth day of September, Guisi day (October 4, 1323), he ascended the throne in Longju river. Although sun tiemur is also an insider, he ordered to kill all the people who assassinated Yingzong after he became king.

In 1324, Emperor TAIDING changed to Emperor TAIDING. In March, he established ba'erhan as the queen and bao'erqijin-a'suji-ba as the crown prince. In those years, Wang Yue, an old minister of the Six Dynasties (Shizu, Chengzong, Wuzong, Renzong, Yingzong, and TAIDING) was used to collect the scholars from all over the world. Eighty five scholars, including Bala and Zhangyi, were admitted. Since then, the number of students in Section B has been increased to fifteen.

Since the year 1325, teddingdi began to reduce the national expenditure because the revenue of the Treasury was less than the expenditure. In July, he ordered that Han people not be allowed to collect and carry weapons.

On the first day of September in the second year of TAIDING (October 8, 1325), Emperor TAIDING reformed the administrative divisions of the whole country, dividing the whole country into 18 roads, namely: Liangzhe Road, Jiangdong Road, Jiangxi Road, Fujian Road, Jiangnan Road, Huguang Road, Henan Road, Jiangbei Road, Yannan Road, Shandong Road, Hedong Road, Shaanxi Road, Shanbei Road, Liaodong Road, Yunnan Road, Gansu Road, Sichuan Road, and Jingji road 。

Emperor TAIDING also issued a series of orders to prohibit monks and Taoists from buying private land and to curb the excessive wealth of monasteries.

On August 15, 1328, sun tiemur, the fixed emperor of Yuantai, died in Shangdu at the age of 36. His death immediately triggered the most bloody and destructive Imperial battle in the history of the Yuan Dynasty. As a result, the imperial system returned to the hands of later generations and continued until the end of the Yuan Dynasty.

Disaster list

During the reign of emperor TAIDING, many places in China suffered from disasters many times. Almost every month, there was a record of floods, and famine broke out in many places.

In the winter of 1323, many animals were starved to death due to the heavy cold and snow in Mongolia.

In July 1324, it rained like a chicken. (the first emperor of TAIDING in the history of the Yuan Dynasty)

In December 1325, Tongzhou earthquake. There is a serious flood and drought in Jianghuai.

July 1327, Ningxia earthquake.

March 1327, the Huning earthquake.

In May 1327, locust disaster occurred in Luoyang.

In August 1327, a stubborn earthquake occurred in Sichuan.

In September 1327, another earthquake occurred in Ningxia.

In December 1328, another earthquake occurred in Ningxia.

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