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A brief introduction to asauji Ba, Emperor Tianshun of the Yuan Dynasty


Bao erqijin, a sujiba (1320-1328) , seventh, also known as ahidab in Mongolian. From October 17, 1328 to November 14, 1328. The posthumous title is emperor de Xiao.


On the 10th day of July in the first year of Zhihe reign (August 15, 1328), sun tiemu'er died of illness in Shangdu. The prime minister, daolasha, was in charge of his own use. After more than a month, he was still too late to establish the young prince, alajiba, on the throne.

On September 13, the first year of Zhihe reign (October 16, 1328), I learned that the Privy Council's son tutimeur, who was established by Yan tiemuer in Dadu (now Beijing), was on the throne. The purpose of tutimeur was to change the calendar of heaven.

In September of the first year of Zhihe reign, the prime minister, daolasha, established the 9-year-old crown prince, alajiba, as the emperor, and changed the reign of "Tianshun".

The Prime Minister of Tianshun imperial court in Shangdu sent troops to attack the Wenzong imperial court in Dadu. Yantimur, the Yuanwen sect, led the troops to fight against each other. After many wars, the two sides had a win-win situation at the beginning, and later the Dadu imperial court gradually occupied the military advantage.

On October 13, the first year of Tianshun (November 14, 1328), the army of the imperial court surrounded Xanadu. Prime Minister daolasha and other ministers were sent to the capital by the emperor's treasure. Tianshun's year number was abolished by Emperor Wenzong of the Yuan Dynasty. Daolasha was killed one month after he surrendered.

Emperor Shun's whereabouts are unknown the day after the fall of Lhasa. He has been in power for about a month.

There is no temple or posthumous title in araji Ba, which is called emperor Tianshun in the year of history.

Mystery of disappearance

Although the right Minister of the left behind Xanadu, daolasha, surrendered by offering the city, he was later killed by Emperor Wenzong. Zhu Yaoting's zhengshuo Yuan Dynasty's ten and five emperors said: "emperor Tianshun, asanjiba, was captured." According to Zhuo Zhonglin's new edition of the Yuan Dynasty's romance, "some people say that the little emperor has been killed for a long time. In order to hide people's eyes and ears, he was covered with unknown whereabouts and other words." Although the emperor of Tianshun, ashuji Ba, is nowhere to be found, he has been assassinated by Emperor Wenzong tutimer, that is, "Wen kills Tianshun". Wang Chan, king of Liang, died after being captured. In terms of Xanadu, there were no leaders. Each army broke down one after another. In most areas, it won all the victories. The battle between the two capitals ended in failure.

Some people said, "the one who comes out of the treasure is daolasha, so there should be no doubt that the death of the young Lord came from daolasha." However, before he came out of the army, he was despised by the mortals. Compared with Wang Chan, he fled in the face of difficulties, especially when he felt that his death was more than enough! Most of the corpses are two split. Later ministers can make jiongjie! If Futai's body is in danger and a little frugal, he should die for it. Kuang changes Dong'an's life and comes one after another. Yan tiemu'er is the leader of the disaster. He has never had a good deal in the past. Can he hope to protect him wholeheartedly and not think about it? It's a recollection of the removal of the Empress Dowager. It's a faint indication of Yan tiemu'er's mind. It's the magic of the box sword and the curtain lamp.

Reason for not listing

He was Emperor for less than a month, so there was nothing to record.


The evaluation of Yuan Shu by Zeng Lian, a historian, is as follows: "on the basis of saying that Zeng Zi sent his life in isolation and could not seize it in the face of great festivals, so he was a gentleman. Therefore, there are fierce tigers in the mountain, which cannot be picked by woodcutters. In the former history, it was said that emperor TAIDING could abide by the laws of his ancestors, so there was nothing in the world. Alas! If the law of apprenticeship can't make Han Wu appoint Qiu Yu, but rely on the officials, can Xiaozhao get the south of Yanran? Is Kuang as filial as Zhao? You are the son of heaven. You are rich in the world, but you can't protect your wife. If you are a ghost, you can't blame him! A gentleman should not have many sons and Mencius, but should be willing to show filial piety and martial arts. "

Year number

The official year number from September 1328 to September 8 of 1328 in Tianshun lunar calendar, which is determined by the minister, pulomier (also existing year number: calendar)

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