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A brief introduction to the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty who was poisoned for eight months


From December 22, 1300 to August 30, 1329, he Shi of yuanmingzong was Khan of Mongol Empire, whose name was "kududukhan". No. 9, the temple is called mingzong, the posthumous title is Shun Tian Li Dao Rui Wen Zhiwu great saint Xiao emperor.

Personal profile

Name: bulerqijin · Heshi

Temple Name: mingzong

Posthumous title: Yixian, Jingxiao, emperor, kududukhan

Mausoleum: qiniangu

Living: December 22, 1300 to August 30, 1329

In office: February 27, 1329 to August 30, 1329

Father: Haishan

Brother: tuttemur


The second son, Yidan quality class; the first son, Yuanhui Zong, tuobutimer; the third son, King Taiyong, suhulidor

Year: 1329


Before yuan mingzong and Shishu ascended the throne, they proposed to reform the book, were refuted, demoted, and later became Ming king. When he was not emperor, he continued to write for more than ten times, but failed.

After the death of emperor TAIDING, the prime minister, daolasha, was very sad, and he established ahsoji eight as the emperor and carried out the reform. Mongolia was divided into two parts, and the emperor Wenzong of the Yuan Dynasty carried on. The prime minister, daolasha, firmly opposed it and carried out the conquest, which aroused the hatred of the emperor Wenzong of the Yuan Dynasty.

Later, when Emperor Wenzong of the Yuan Dynasty came to the throne, he shisui proposed to reuse Han officials to solve the problem of society. Yuan Wenzong thought he was a thorn in the eye. If you don't get rid of him, you can't get rid of the hatred in your heart.

Heldo coup

Initiator - yuan Wenzong

Born in 1304-1332, he is the second son of Wu clan in Yuan Dynasty and the younger brother of Ming clan in Yuan Dynasty. The ninth famous emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, Emperor Wenzong of the Yuan Dynasty, and Emperor Zaya of the Yuan Dynasty scolded the emperor. His reign lasted from October 16, 1328 to February 27, 1329, and from September 8, 1329 to September 2, 1332. He reigned for four years and was 28 years old.

Tang Wu, the queen of Zhaosheng.

During his reign, tutimeur was exiled to Qiongzhou, Hainan Province. After emperor TAIDING ascended the throne, he was called back to Beijing, and King Huai was granted in Jin Dynasty. He lived in Jiankang, Jiangling and other places.

After the death of emperor TAIDING, Yan tiemu'er, who was left behind in Dadu, planned to establish King Zhou and Shilai, the eldest sons of Wuzong of Yuan Dynasty, as the emperor. Later, Lu Yuan changed to tutimer, that is, Emperor Wenzong of Yuan Dynasty, and changed the calendar of Yuan Dynasty.

In the first year of yuantianli (1328 A.D.) in the ninth month of the lunar calendar, the nobles of Xanadu set up TAIDING emperor's youngest son as emperor, and established the name of Tianshun, and set out to attack the Juyong Pass. Tuttemur sent yantimur to fight and defeated his opponent, making yuanmingzong ascend the throne in Mobei.

In the second year of yuantianli (1329 A.D.), on August 6 of the lunar calendar, tutimer and yantimur poisoned yuanmingzong and shisui at the banquet, and tutimer then returned to yuanwenzong.

During the reign of emperor Wenzong of the Yuan Dynasty, he sent soldiers twice to fight against the Mongolian aristocracy rebellion in Sichuan and Yunnan. Yan tiemu'er, with his support and establishment, was good at power and politics. He was immoral, and became the trouble of the emperor.

In the third year of yuanzhishun (1332 A.D.) on August 12 of the lunar calendar, Emperor Wenzong tutimeur died of illness. Before his death, he regretted the murder of his elder brother and revealed his true feelings. He left an imperial edict to set up the son of emperor yuanmingzong to redeem himself.

After the death of emperor Wenzong of the Yuan Dynasty, he was buried in the valley of qiniangu and was granted the posthumous title of "emperor Yuanxiao of Shengming" and the temple title of "emperor Wenzong".

Initiator - King of Taiping

The traitor Yan Timur (?)? ~ 1333), chin Chas, traitors. He launched the heldu coup and killed yuanmingzong. After yuanmingzong was killed, he repeatedly launched coups and intervened in political affairs. As a result, his family was destroyed and his descendants were killed.


When he went to heldu, he was poisoned by the yuan Emperor Wen Zong. Yuanwenzong and yantimur used despicable means to prohibit officials from spreading the death of yuanmingzong and killing those who knew it. March to Tianjin (now southwest of Baotou, Inner Mongolia), launch a mutiny and kill all the officers and soldiers.

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